If there is no snow in January…

By Mamy

Winter just barely started, but we have “spring” outside.


Everything is green and there is no snow to be seen.


Spring flowers are starting to grow.

HiacintaI can not remember if we ever had January with temperatures over 10°C.

Winter is coming back in a matter of days … as it should be, so nature can rest for a little while longer.

6 thoughts on “If there is no snow in January…”

  1. I’m happy there is no snow here, because when it does snow, everything here is messed up. Can’t ride my bike to work because it’s too slippery, the trains won’t go anymore or with lots of delays, busses will have a lot of delays…
    Everything is drama with a little bit of snow here in the Netherlands haha!

  2. Meni je samo zmeraj zelo žal, da potem vse pomrzne, če je tako toplo, potem se pa naenkrat spet shladi. :/ Ampak je pa res zelo toplo zadnje dni, sploh ne vem več, koliko naj se oblečem, da se ne prehladim niti da se skuham.


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