Preview: Essence Better than gel nails and My skin

We received couple of updates on new Essence products and wanted to share them with you.

First thing that we will be getting is Slovenia is STUDIO nails – better than gel nails. First as LE and then as part of regular line. Price for the set will be 11 EUR.

Essence Better than gel nails preview by Parokeets
photos courtesy of Essence

Essence promises that:

the 6-piece starter kit includes everything you need to achieve a perfect nail style – but even “better than gel nails”. thanks to the gentle application and simple removal, your nail style is sure to be a success in a manner of moments and can be easily removed at any time – without damaging your natural nails and without the need for an uv-lamp. simply open up the packaging and get started!

Application consists of 5 steps.

Step 1:

Essence: Better Than Nails instuctions step 1 by Parokeets Buff and prep the nails with Better than gel nails file. Price 2,29€.

Step 2:

Essence: Better Than Nails instuctions step 2 by Parokeets Choose tips that are right size for you and glue it to your nails. Use fast drying glue that comes with the set. Tips cost 2,29€ while you’ll pay 2,29€ for the glue.

Step 3:

Essence: Better Than Nails instuctions step 3 by Parokeets Wait a little bit for the tip to dry and then remove the handle as shown in the picture.
Shape the nails in any shape you wish.

Step 4:

Apply base coat to prolong the staying power of manicure. Price 2,89€.

Step 5:

Last step – apply top coat for shine and fortification. For best results – use 2 coats.
Top coat 2,89€, tip remover 2,89€.

In March we will be also getting My Skin facial skin care range.

Essence: My Skin by Parokeets
photos courtesy of Essence

I made collage of the products that cough my eye and could be suitable for my mainly oily skin.

Featured products are:
My Skin Soft cleansing gel: which is suppose to be deep-cleansing yet super gentle to your skin and will contain lime and cucumber extracts for moisturizing. Suitable for all skin types.Price 2,49€.
My Skin Mattifying cream: new oil-free mattifying cream for a smooth skin with matt complexion and provides plenty of moisture at the same time. It contains lychee and blue grape as well as UVA/UVB filters. Price 2,49€.
My Skin Refreshing cleansing wipes: the new cleansing wipes that are suppose to remove dirt and waterproof make-up from your skin. Alcohol-free formula with lime and cucumber extract. Price 1,89€.
My Skin Deeply moisturizing paper mask: pre-treated paper face mask enriched with cucumber extracts to provide your skin with moisture. Price 1,29€.
My Skin Refreshing toner: refreshing toner that purifies and pampers your skin. Price 2,49€.

Other products that will be available in My Skin range: 4in1 cleansing cream, Caring cleansing wipes, Intensively caring cream, Moisturizing cream-gel.

And at the end of March or begging of April we can expect other goodies from Essence.

Do you already have any of featured products? Maybe some of them landed on your WL?

All photos are courtesy of Essence.

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6 thoughts on “Preview: Essence Better than gel nails and My skin”

  1. Best french manicure ever!!! The nails are supposed to last for 10 days and im only on day 5 but not 1 of them have fallen off yet and they look so professional. Definately worth a try!

  2. Ne znam baš ga ću kupit ove gel nokte, ali mi se čine super kad jedan pukne pa ga popravit s ovim dok ne naraste. Nikad se ne zna, možda i kupim. Ali veselim se kremicama, lakovima i ostalim stvarima koje dolaze.. jedva čekam.. :w00t:


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