Review and swatches: Essence – Whoom Boooom TE (polishes+palette)

Dear friend just came from Germany and brought me all four polishes and eyeliner palette from Essence Whoom! Boooom!!! TE.

Essence: Whoom Boooom - nail polishes + cream eyeliner by Parokeets

Essence decided to give us fresh/spring colors in their “pop art” collection.

The lightest shade is You’ve Got The Art. Pastel yellow shade with green tones. This shade can be more greenish or yellowish – depending on light source. Application was not easy, but two coats were enough for decent look.

Essence: Whoom Boooom - You've Got The Art polish swatch by Parokeets
Essence – You’ve Got The Art (2 coats + top coat)

Orange shade is called Andy, You’re A Star. Very interesting shade that can be very lively or almost pastel like orange. I only managed to capture lively orange on the photo and to do that I had to wait until the next day for sun to come up. :D Application was easier than with You’ve Got The Art polish.

Essence: Whoom Boooom - Andy, You're A Star polish swatch by Parokeets
Essence – Andy, You’re A Star (2 layers + top coat)

Roy’s Red is berry shade … I guess. I looks deep pink most of the time but it does lean on the red side every once in a while.

Essence: Whoom Boooom - Roy's Red polish swatch by Parokeets
Essence – Roy’s Red (2 layers + top coat)

The blurple in the Whoom! Boooom!!! TE is called Chacalaca. Application was easy, one coat is enough for full opacity. I was sure this shade will look awful on me, but I was glad to see that I was wrong.  This shade had more than one side too – it can be blue, purple, blue-purple …

Essence: Whoom Boooom - Chacalaca polish swatch by ParokeetsAll polishes have creme finish and in each and every one I hated the soft and bushy brush … I had really hard time controlling  it.

Each 8 ml polish costs 1,79 EUR.

Whoom! Boooom!!! TE had another interesting product for me – creme eyeliner palette – Kawoom. Cardboard box with magnetic closure contains four colors and a brush. I don’t think this kind of packaging will keep eyeliners from drying out in record time, but let us hope that I’m wrong, since colors look really nice.

Essence: Whoom Boooom - Kawoom cream eyeliner palette by Parokeets
Essence: Whoom Boooom – Kawoom cream eyeliner palette

I do not like the brush at all, but I did the swatches on the right side of the photo with it … the best I could do. It lacks firmness to be really good eyeliner brush.

I like the colors in this palette … even though the lightest eyeliner looks almost invisible on me. Green shade is my favorite – I love the gold shimmer in green base. Blues is not really my color and darker gray shade has too much shimmer in it but I can see using both of them from time to time. I intended to use this palette as my secondary base, but since darker colors leave color stain on my skin I’ll stick with original usage.

Essence: Whoom Boooom - Kawoom cream eyeliner palette swatch
Essence – Kawoom cream eyeliner palette

I had some extra time so I did a quick test on my eyes – eyeliners started to fade after couple of hours, green and blue had best staying power, but the green one irritated my eyes. 

Cream eyeliner palette cost 2,99 EUR in Germany.

See any must haves in this post?

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  1. Po fotkah me kolekcija ni navdušila. Ko sem si jo ogledala v živo, sem se odločila za nakup Chacalaca in You’ve Got The Art lakov. Oba sta čudovita. Že tretji dan je na mojih nohtih Chacalaca (v kombinaciji z Better than gel nails), ki je res perfekten. Žal na nohtih 99% časa izgleda moder, a gre za zelo lepo modro. Temno vijolične pa na sebi še nisem opazila. Danes (ali jutri) bo zelo verjetno šel dol, ker moram swatchati kakšne nove lake. :hmm: Čopič na teh mi je bil všeč. :thumb:

  2. Hi! I love all those polish! :wub:
    I just have posted about this trend edition in my blog:


  3. I must say that I’m petty impressed with this collection. Is not in our drugstore yet, but I would definitely buy this thanks to your review. The nail polish looks awesome, colors are great and so pigmented and this palette is worth all of the money. So yeah, I’ll definitely buy this when they come in stores!


  4. Čisto nič ne me ne navduši. Tele pomladne barve huba buba čigumijev me ne privlačijo. Zeleni eyeliner mi je sicer zelo lep, ampak če je zapakrian v kartonasti embalaži si ne predstavljam, da bo dolgo zdržal.

  5. i was afraid that the creameyeliner will dry out quickly too, but they have the some consistency like the geleyeliner in the eyeshadowpalettes from metallica collection, and this eyeliner is still smoth, i dont worry ^^

  6. Thanks so much for the review! The nail polishes and the eyeliner palette were in my wishlist, now, I don’t know about the palette… maybe not… but it looks so pretty… :undecided: :undecided:

  7. Hi my Dear ! This collection look amazing! :w00t: But when first time I saw photo of this collection I think that it’s uninteresting but in your swatch looks great! Maybe it will be in Poland ?:)

    And thanks for borrow me photo of swatch you can see it here :wave:

    • Ko što sam napisala – ostavljaju boju na koži … pogotovo zeleni. S ničim ga nisam mogla ukloniti sa ruke … a dobro sam trljala i upotrijebila dosta agresivne produkte. :(

      Možda bi išlo sa plavom bojom. :think:


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