You probably all know by now, that I’m not a pink lover and I really don’t like ordinary things, that’s why I just had to do the Hello Kitty konadicure with a twist. I mean, who says that Hello Kitty needs to be all girly right? Here’s how I feek comfortable with Hello Kitty on my nails.

Hello Kitty konadicure with IP M71

Products used to create the look:

  • Beauty UK – black polish from the Midnight Minx set
  • Essence – Nail Art Special Effect! topper – Circus Confetti (on ring finger)
  • Essence – Nail Art Twins glitter topper – Blair
  • Essence – Nail Art stampy polish – Stamp Me! silver (for stamping)
  • Hello Kitty IP M71 which you can purchase online at the Born Pretty store
Hello Kitty IP M71
Hello Kitty IP M71

I really enjoyed wearing this konadicure. It was fun and sparkly at the same time.

What do you think about it? Yay or Nay?

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  1. Zelo mi je všeč! Super bi bilo če bi enkrat naredile video tutorial za ta stamping (meni res nikoli ne uspe lepo narediti teh odtisov :unsure: )

    • Me veseli, da ti je všeč. :party:
      Hvala za predlog. :thumb: Ideja je že dalj časa “zunaj”, a še ni bilo dovolj motivacije za izvedbo, ker nisem bila prepričana, ali je zanimanje za tak video. S tem tvojim komentarjem smo vsekakor en korak bližje izvedbi. :wink:

  2. Luštno! Nisem pristaš konada, ampak tole je pa prav luštno za gledat. :yes:

  3. Yay! of course :) This looks great, I’m not into Hello Kitty much but loved what you did on your nails :D I might as well try it on black base :D

  4. Definitely a Yay :yes: I don’t like Hello Kitty, but this surely made me change my mind :silly:

  5. Yay!! I am waiting on my Hello Kitty Plate and will be sure to try out my own version of this!!

  6. This looks so gorgeous, definitely a yay from me! I really like the outcome. :) Circus Confetti calls my name… Wish I could get my hands on Essence products.

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