Catrice Dirty Berry

Our Spring giveaway is ending today and one of the polishes we’re giving away is also the polish I have for you today – Catrice Dirty Berry.

Catrice Dirty Berry bottle
Catrice Dirty Berry

I must admit I’m quite fond of this purple polish with holo shimmer. It still looks purple in the shade (silver particles do not take over) and it has subtle holo effect in the sunshine.

Formula is good, brush also so I have no complaints about technical side.  :D

Catrice Dirty Berry swatch by Parokeets
Catrice Dirty Berry (sun)
Catrice Dirty Berry swatch
Catrice Dirty Berry (shade)

I think price is 2,5 EUR for 10ml of polish.

Do you prefer polishes with subtle holo effect or linear holographic polishes such as Gosh Holographic?

18 thoughts on “Catrice Dirty Berry”

  1. Prelep je. :) Eden od Catrice ki ga bom morala kupit. :) Sicer pa ko pride do holota, nimam nič proti subtilnemu niti proti linearnemu, vsak je dober za svoj tip počutja, če sem zelo hiper in si želim nekaj udarnega na nohtih, pograbim linearni holo, subtilni ali scattered pa mi je super za čisto vsak dan. Holo ne more biti “tega pa ne maram” v mojem slovarju. :wink:

  2. personally, I like subtle holos better, true holos make me kind of nauseous. But I don’t like this one is being advertised as a holo, while in fact it isn’t. Ahh well, it’s still very pretty.

    • It definitively isn’t strong holo, but shimmer in it is holographic … even if it is not loaded with it. And for me personally if the polish contains any kind of scattered holo or is linear holo I classify it as holo … why complicate the life. :biggrin:


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