Skin Sketching Technique by Illamasqua

There goes my justification that you need 50 brushes and gazillion of products to do lovely make-up … Illamasqua ruined my favorite excuse for having such a large make-up collection with their Skin Sketching Technique. :D

Take a look at what can be done using just few of the Illamasqua Medium Pencils and brushes.

Now that is what I call blending at its finest.

Didi you try out this technique? How did it go?

4 thoughts on “Skin Sketching Technique by Illamasqua”

    • Skin Sketching Technique is not meant as something to replace everyday make-up, but to give a way out to those who need MU done in the shortest time available and with minimal use of beauty products … which have to fit into the small clutch bag. Fortunately for me, my life is not whirlwind of activity and bag looks like something from Sport Billi cartoon. :biggrin:

  1. o da, probala sam s essenceovom olovkom za smokey eyes, mekana je i super se blenda… ali na ovoj vrućini i druge olovke se daju blendati jer su sad dovoljno meke :thumb:


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