His Majesty: Elderberry

By Mamy

Who is familiar with this tree/shrub?

Bezeg, Elderberry/Sambucus Nigra


Yes – it’s elderberry.

Now is time to gather it and dry it for tea. You have to dry it in dark and ventilated space. It drys pretty quick and when you mix it with line/linden blossom, balm-mint and peppermint you get great homemade tea.

Dry elder blossoms

Another thing you shouldn’t miss out on:

Omelet with elder blossom

You make the same type of batter as for pancakes and then you sprinkle freshly gathered elder blossoms on top of it. If you have sweet tooth you can add sugar, I personally try to avoid it.

Bon appetite, dear readers!

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3 thoughts on “His Majesty: Elderberry”

  1. Obožujem vonj in okus, bezgov sok in čaj sta res odlična. Tudi cvetki so prelepi. Sem pa žal 100% ljubljanska srajca, ga ne nabiram, nikjer v bližini ga nimamo, tako da kupujem tako sok kot čaj. Ga pa ni čez domačega, oboje je domače stokrat boljše.


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