Alessandro – Sunshine Reggae

When I first received this polish, the first thing I noticed about it was vivid but not garish yellow color. It sat on my “try soon” shelf for some time before I tested it on one finger. My first impression was that color is nice, but formula not so much. Couple of days ago I was having crappy day and spotted Alessandro Sunshine Reggae and decided to brighten up my day with canary yellow polish. To my surprise this time I had no problems applying it. I’m guessing that I either: forgot to shake it the first time or high temperatures and lots of moisture in air had something to do with first failed attempt or I simply used the “wrong” base coat.

It is still not one of those polishes that glides on almost on its own, but it was OK for shade with almost jelly-ish formula. I used 2 coats, but third would be needed to completely cover up the visible nail line.

Alessandro - Sunshine Reggae (165) swatch by Parokeets
Alessandro – Sunshine Reggae (165)

In the end I had harder time tweaking yellow colors in photo editor to look at least something as the shade I was looking at. My camera is convinced this is greenish-yellow shade … and neon to boot.

Price for 10 ml bottle is 10 EUR (14 USD). Sunshine Reggae is part of the new We Love Colors stand and is not LE.

Come to think of it I don’t think I have single yellow polish in my collection that applies well. Do you know of any yellow polish that applies beautifully? Especially creme ones.

*Product was sent to me for review.

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  1. Um, barva izgleda res lepa sončkasta, ampak meni rumeni lakci nekako ne potegnejo ravno zaradi tega, ker se tako grozno nanašajo :whistle:


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