Hello from Germany – land of p2 polishes.

Erlangen-Nuremberg University
Photo of Erlangen-Nuremberg University taken with mobile

Everybody is else is napping, so I used the time to take photos of my todays haul. Not the best or the most accurate photos but …

p2 Erlangen haul
p2 Erlangen haul
p2 Erlangen haul 01
p2 Erlangen haul
Catrice Out Of Space LE haul
Catrice Out Of Space LE haul
H&M Erlangen haul
H&M Erlangen haul

Erlangen haul 02 by Gejba

Erlangen haul 01 by Gejba

Enjoy in the res of the weekend …. hopefully you have more than our 18°C (64.4ºF). 


  1. Not much, about 20 degrees here :)

    The only thing I love about Germany would be P2 polishes. And maybe cars :D (but that’s another pair of sleeves)

    • I love their country – too bad that I don’t speak German very well so I could communicate with them more freely. But they do rock the show with their cool cars. :silly:

  2. Nice haul. That means swatches will follow soon, right. Hehe.
    Enjoy Germany.
    I just got back from Estonia and did a little bit of hauling too.

    • I already have couple of those – and like them. :thumb: Rossmann was not in the plan for this time, but will visit them the next time I’m in Germany.


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