Inglot goodies from Poland

AAAAAAAAAAA – I got the package from Poland filled with Inglot goodies!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, fantastic and super kind stri-linga from Sorry Mario the princess is in another castle blog for being my “middle man”. Hopefully I’ll be able to repay you one day for all the time and effort you put into researching, scouting, buying, packing …

Some of the goodies were presents for others and one palettes was Goga’s so I’ll show you only my new beauties.

Inglot goodies from Poland

Thx, babe – you made my day, week, month …

35 thoughts on “Inglot goodies from Poland”

    • haha cheap? It is soo expensive these days :D haha :P Stupid Inglot :D

      if you want something else from PL you can also ask me for help :) I’m Polish too :)

      I need to buy some new Inglot eyeshadows lol :D

    • We’re lucky to have such generous ladies from Poland in our community. :bow:
      Sabbatha – can you imagine the joy at seeing your prices vs. the Croatian ones? They’re almost cut in half. :w00t:

      So ladies, what do you say – should we rent a bus and take a trip to Poland? :biggrin:

    • 10 round palette costs around 27 EUR in Poland and 54 EUR in Croatia … both prices with “current” discounts. You have to add shipping (in my case something over 20 EUR) + PayPal fee to the total amount. Still a lot cheaper than in Croatia. I recommend getting Inglot products from Poland … just be prepared that they have different numbers, but there is some kind of “conversion” chart.

      • Wow. Do you believe me that I’m thinking about getting a ticket to Poland? :D LOL. It still would be cheaper than get everything here (now I can’t do that either since the store has closed down).

        Anyway, it’s good to know the price difference :)

      • Hi :-)
        A friend of mine is going on a trip to Poland in a couple of days.. And she has promised me to buy a lot of Inglot products for me (hurray!!) if I give her a shopping list. I am making my shoppinglist based on the colors and numbers on the Is it true that the colors have different numbers in Poland?? And if it is… Do you now where I can find a “conversion chart”?
        (Or do you think that the staff in Poland will be able to find me the right colors if they are informed of the fact that the numbers are based on the american numbers?….)
        ooooh!!! I am crossing my fingers for a solution on this problem!! ;-)

          • wow! That was a fast answer!! Thank you sooooo much!!!!! That was really helpful! I will complete my shoppinglist and hope for the best. I would really LOVE to finally own my own Inglot products.. Unfortunately we don’t have Inglot stores here in Norway.. :-(

  1. The only Inglot product I have tried yet is their nail polish, that my boyfriend bought last year. It’s a really nice Peachy colour! I have to say that the colour range is huge! :) Yay for colours!

  2. Eyeshadow from Inglot are so good, I hear that some of girls compare it to the Mac. I have 80 km to the nearest Inglot shop so I don’t have many cosmetics of this brand, but someday :love:

  3. Ooooh! I’m in love with Inglot eyeshadows. I also like the Freedom System Palette. Unfortunately in Italy there are only two stores (in Milan and in Rome), hope I’ll visit one of them ASAP!!!


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