I didn’t even had the intention to post the review about @Holographics.com trend edition by Essence, because the collection is long gone in most of the stores. But then I read that in some stores in Slovenia they still sell it. So I decided to write a very short review. Here’s what I bought.

Essence - @Holografics.com TE
Essence – @Holografics.com TE

First I’d like to mention, that people at Essence do not know, what “holographic” means. There’s nothing holographic in this collection. The products are actually duochrome and NOT holographic. Moving on to the products.

Prism@tic White creme eyeshadow. Nice white with purple sheen.

Swatch: Essence - @Holografics.com: Prism@tic White eyeshadow
Essence – @Holografics.com: Prism@tic White eyeshadow

Gigalectric creme eyeshadow. Teal with purple duochrome effect, that is visible only in the jar.

Swatch: Essence - @Holografics.com: Gigalectric eyeshadow
Essence – @Holografics.com: Gigalectric eyeshadow


Swatch: Essence - @Holografics.com: Prismatic White and Gigalectric eyeshadows
Essence – @Holografics.com: Prismatic White and Gigalectric eyeshadows

The eyeshadows are very sheer, but they look amazing over a black base. Main reason, why I bought these eyeshadows was, I wanted to use them as eyeshadow bases. Unfortunately they are not sticky enough, that’s why the eyeshadows don’t stick to them. A waste of money (for me).

Next is a konadicure I did quite some time ago. Although Blue Ray nail polish is on the sheer side, it was still pigmented enough for a subtle konadicure.

KOTD: American Apparel - Peacock + Konad IP m83 with Essence - Blue Ray (@Holografics.com)
American Apparel – Peacock + Konad IP m83 with Essence – Blue Ray (@Holografics.com)

Please tell me in the comments, what do you think about the @Holografics.com TE? Which are your favorite products etc.?

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  1. i absolutely LOVE the creamshadows … i got all three of them and i still LOVE them all :-) for me all three are great as eyeshadow bases

  2. Meni je ta kolekcija takoooo všeč … Ampak na žalost sem dobila samo Prism@tic White senčilo, pa sem dala celo obalo skozi :smell:

  3. I was just looking at these today :D
    Still not sure if I will get them but they are awesome!

    Baš sam gledala ova sjenila danas.
    Nisam sigurna da li da ih kupim ili ne, ali stvarno su super :D

  4. Jaz je sploh nisem lovila, potem pa sem ujela čisto polno stojalo v Leclercu. Se kar splača vsake toliko pokukati tja. Nimajo vseh LE, vendar tiste ki dobijo, dobijo z nekajtedenskim zamikom in tako je navadno ves “hype” okoli LE že mimo in tako ostane na voljo kar nekaj časa. Vzela sem zgolj Blue Ray lak, čeprav ga nisem nameravala vzeti, me je kar pritegnil, pa še precej podoben je Rodeo Fanatic od China Glaze, ki ga imam že dolgo na WL. Sicer so v Leclercu imeli samo še dva odtenka, obe nekaj belkastega, tako da me sploh ni pritegnilo. Tale kolekcija bi lahko bila svetovna, na koncu mi je bil všeč samo en lak, pa še to nič za umret nujnega. Nosila ga še nisem, upam pa, da me bo tako navdušil kot laki iz Blossoms etc. in You Rock!, s katerima sem se čisto navdušila nad formulo in čopičem Essence omejenih edicij. :)

  5. This limited edition wasn’t available in Poland, where I live and I bought it in Germany. I do agree that the nail polishes are duochrome. However to my mind the eyeshadows are holographic because the not only changes into a different colour depending on the point of view but also disappears and reappears.

    I own all three shades of eyeshadows and really like them. :happy:

  6. I had all of the reviewed items on my WL, but after seeing them in real life, I skipped the whole limited edition. :hmm:

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