Look, I found new Essence image plates!!!

I just had to show you these pretties. They were mixed with the other old image plates.

New: Essence - image plates (stampy designs)
Essence - image plates (stampy designs)

What a happy day!!!

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15 thoughts on “Look, I found new Essence image plates!!!”

  1. I think these are in fact old image plates from Essence, but I’ve never seen them irl (they’re on my wishlist, though).
    Be nice and share with us your creations with them. ;)

    • I know that they announced them long time ago, but I also have never seen them in stores until now. And I also have been waiting for them and now I finally found them. :happy:
      I’ll do my best and show you my “creations”. ;)

      • Thanks for the reply, Maestra.
        You’re lucky to have found these. I’ve only seen them on the Essence corporate website some time ago and on a few blogs.
        Eagerly waiting for your creations, then.


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