Review: New Essence image plates

I tested the new image plates by Essence, I showed you a few days ago. Here are the results …

Essence - Stampy Set image plates
Essence - Stampy Set image plates

I’m disappointed by the sneaker image plate, because some images do not transfer well to the nails. The bag image is the worst of them all. I’m satisfied with the french manicure image plate. Almost all images transfer nicely, the flower design is a bit problematic.

I used Essence – Stamp Me! in black for stamping.

I guess it’s possible that only my sneaker image plate wasn’t engraved properly or maybe the whole batch is like mine and the next batch will be better. I don’t know. I just know, what I saw in the store. That is, that the engravings differ from image plate to image plate. I guess quality control for this product could be better.

Did you buy any of the new image plates yet? How was the quality with yours?

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12 thoughts on “Review: New Essence image plates”

  1. You’ve got a lovely blog here, I really enjoy viewing you posts ^_^ .

    I’m new in the image-plate thing, could you tell me how to spot the well-engraved ones?
    Are they deeper or what?


  2. I like the French mani plate very much. Pity not all designs transfer equally well. Maybe you could try a different stamping polish or scraper? Just an idea.

    • Good idea! I’m pretty sure that the polish isn’t a problem, but I’ll different scraper. Maybe my plastic scraper scrapes too much polish. Thanks for the idea! :rose:

  3. Res škoda, da je kar naenkrat kvaliteta tako upadla, ker vse ostale ki jih imam so res super. Poleg tega se mi pa zdi, da so tele šablone oglaševali že z all over vzorčki, pa so se šele zdaj pojavili :yes: .

    Mogoče si na koncu le kupim francosko ko pridem do nje, ker ima rožice zelo lepe :wub: . Upam, da bodo moje super delovale :hmm:

    Hvala za tako super post :rose:

    • Držim pesti, da bodo tvoje plate super!!! :nails:
      Aham, te plate so že zdavnaj oglaševali. Bila sem že prepričana, da jih nikoli ne bomo dočakali, a smo jih le. :happy:

  4. uhm. I have Essence image plates, not these but else. And what it’s strange on yours is that… where is the Essence Logo?????? o_O
    But my image plates that I bought works good. :)


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