First time I met Depend polishes was when a friend of mine brought them to me from Sweden. I liked the cute minis, so I was glad when they became available in our country. I later on bought some and got few for review, so it’s high time to show them to you.

Depend: 35, 54, 129, 206, 243, 249, 5002, 5005

I put all of the base polishes on the nail wheel to see what can I expect from them formula-wise.

Depend: 35, 54, 129, 206, 243, 249, 5002, 5005 swatch
Depend: 35, 54, 129, 206, 243, 249, 5002, 5005

Depend 35 and 129 are pretty sheer shades. While Depend 129 can get away with it (your nails but better look), 35 looks a lot better with white base under it.
The shades that impressed me the most with their easy application are Depend 54 and 249.

My favorite from the bunch is Depend 249. This is one of the prettiest green shades I every saw – not to light or to dark, with buttery application, good coverage … Color was impossible to capture, so I used photo editing software to show you approximate shade. I used 2 coats + top coat.

Depend: 249 swatch by Parokeets
Depend: 249

I then upgraded it with dark violet Depend cracked effect 5005. I liked their crackle polishes a lot – they’re not hard to work with, crack beautifully and they come in interesting colors.

Depend: 249 + 5005 cracked effect swatch by Parokeets
Depend: 249 + 5005 cracked effect

Depend 243 was the only one that had nice glossy finish. Other shades all needed top coat to bring them out of their “mutedness”. I was little bit afraid that silver  shimmer will spoil it for me, but I guess it has some other colors in there that prevents polish from looking to cool toned. 2 coats.

Depend: 243 swatch by Parokeets
Depend: 243

Depend cracked effect 5002 looks like pretty metallic blues in the bottle, but turns into more denim blue on the nails. Formula is thiner than with 5005.

Depend: 243 + 5002 cracked effect swatch by Parokeets
Depend: 243 + 5002 cracked effect

Price: 1,7 EUR (2.3 USD) for 5ml (0.18 fl.oz.) of regular and 2,10 EUR (2.9 USD) for cracked effect polish.

All in all I like Depend minis and will be buying more of them.

*243, 249, 5002 and 5005 polishes were sent to me for review purposes.


  1. Lepiii :) Jaz imam 3, imam pa težave z belim cracklom … Moj prvi crackle btw. Se mi pa zelo paca in nikakor mi ga ne uspe lepo in enakomerno nanesti. :( Kak nasvet?

    • Na žalost nimam belega, tak oda ne vem ali je le tvoj tak ali gre za splošno napako. Thinnerji pomagajo pri pocastih lakih, ampak ne vem če so prava rešitev za crackle. :think:


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