Essence: In Style + Crack Me! Silver

Catrice stands are still not available in our capital, so I consoled myself with few new Essence nail polishes.

The shade that immediately ought my eye was Essence In Style. It looks like blue-green-purple duochrome in the bottle, but purple pretty much vanished when I applied it onto the nails. But it’s still pretty color. Brush strokes are a little bit annoying, but I can live with them as they’re not that visible. I used 2 coats + top coat.

Essence In Style nail polish swatch
Essence In Style

The other nail polish that I bough is Crack Me! Silver. I used normal layers and got subtle cracks. I tried applying only thin layer on one finger (not shown in the photo), but didn’t really like the effect – cracks were more chunky, but tended to appear mostly in vertical line. I’ll stick with the subtle crackle finish. This shade is not very photogenic – imagine cracked foil finish with a nice shine to it.

Essence: In Style + Crack Me! Silver swatch by Parokeets
Essence: In Style + Crack Me! Silver

I didn’t buy lots of new Essence polishes as I’m saving myself for trend editions and Catrice polishes. Are there any of the new shades that are absolutely most have? So I know what to check out next time I’m in the store. :D

36 thoughts on “Essence: In Style + Crack Me! Silver”

  1. In Style is so pretty, have to have it :wub:

    Catrice had just launched some pretty new shades of nail polishes, so it’s good you’re saving money :wink:

  2. In Style is really nice! I have to have it :silly:

    New Catrice nail polishes are gorgeous. I bought golden 650 Goldfinger, sparkling red 550 Marilyn & Me and steel green 680 Khaki Perry (I’ll post it tomorrow). I love these :wub:

  3. Za zelenega nisem čisto prepričana ampak silver crackle mi je močno všeč :yes:
    Nisem še videla novih odtenkov v živo, tako da ti ne morem svetovati :undecided:

  4. If you look at my blog, you will see that I adore Essence nail polishes, and I recommend you to try Choose Me and Date With The Night if you have not tried them already ;) I don’t like crackle effect that much, but In Style is beautiful :)

  5. Tale še čaka, da pride na vrsto. Hm, takole po swatcih sodeč mi je bolj všeč v steklenički. :/ Upam, da bo popravil vtis na nohtih. Sicer pa se mi zdi resen must-have oranžko Be Optimistic! Taka super jesenska oranžna barva je. :yes:

  6. time for romance,make it gold, hard to resist, blue addicted in be optimistic so po moje must havi :) sicer imam le prvega,a so tudi ostali zelo lepi :)
    crackla imam tudi sama in me je prijetno presenetil <3 zgleda tekoč,a razpoka zelo lepo.


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