Kiko – Viola Microglitter (255)

First time I encountered Kiko store was this summer while shopping in Munich. I was blown away by numerous nail polishes, eyeliners, lipsticks, eyeshadows … But as Kiko was one of the last stores on my shopping list in Germany, my wallet was already pretty thin, so I bought only few nail polishes and satin-matte lipstick.

The minute I got home I was bombarded with Kiko swatches, reviews … and of course I wanted to try everything out. I had no idea how long would their nail polish sale last so I was anxious to get more of their gorgeous polishes as soon as possible. Their site is not user friendly, but I finally managed to find map with all of their stores. I was already plotting who to ask for a favor/swap, when my darling offered to drive me to Italy. It’s not a long trip (about an hour in one direction), but still – a trip is a trip and it was very sweet from my better half to take me there.

One of polishes that came with me from Italy was also Kiko Viola Microglitter (no. 255).

KIKO Viola Microglitter (no. 255) bottle
KIKO Viola Microglitter (no. 255)

Viola Microglitter has gorgeous dark purple base loaded with holographic micro glitter.
I used 2 thicker coats + top coat. Application and formula were OK.

KIKO Viola Microglitter (no. 255) swatch by Parokeets
KIKO Viola Microglitter (no. 255)

I paid 2,5 EUR (3.4 USD) for 11ml (0.37 fl.oz.) bottle.

But I do wonder – do you ever get any kind of gift/discount for larger purchases in Kiko stores? What is your experience with them and make up stores in general?

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  1. Tega imam pa tudi jaz :yes: in mi je super barva. Edina pripomba ki jo imam je da se mi prehitro začne krušiti (jaz od laka pričakujem vsaj 3 dni brezhibnosti).
    Jaz ponavadi kupujem v Kiko tgovinici v Italiji. Kljub večjim nakupom (npr. vrednosti nakupa 69 EUR) še nikoli nisem dobila nobenega darilca – mislim, da pri Kiko ni te navade :think: .

    • Uh – po pravici povedano redko kateri odtenek ostane pri meni gor več kot dan, dva. :biggrin:
      Jim ne bi škodilo, če bi vpeljali kakšna mini darilca za takšne nakupe. :cute:

  2. Nope, no sales for bigger purchases. They do sales at the end of each season for older collections (I bought some awesome waterproof liquid eyeshadows for 2,90), or sometimes they do some actions for some kind of stuff, for example now all mascaras are 3,90. And the polishes are still 2,50 except for the newer collection which is more expensive (even more expensive than the regular price actually).
    Love your choice anyway, that colour rocks, I’m curious to see what else you picked up. On me they are so good and last up to a week. And my fave colours so far are 245, 346 and 348. I have two more in my untried stash and anyway I have a Kiko store 5 mins from home so whenever I go there I’m tempted to buy more!

    • I like Inglot in Poland better – they gave me 3 single eyeshadows as gift with purchase. Kiko obviously does not reward those that are willing to spend lots of money in their stores. :roll:

      Thx for your in depth explanation. :ahug: I bought all of your favorite colors. :biggrin:

      • Freebies, gifts and such aren’t common in Italy (I mean, they almost don’t exist at all); I don’t know how much you spent in that store, but don’t expect presents in italian shops :D

      • Actually, it’s not that Kiko doesn’t want to reward big spenderd. In Italy freebies and GWP are not common, regardless of where you shop. You would have never got three free eyeshadows at Inglot here(or in the rest of the world judging from what I read), we can consider ourselves lucky if they give us a sample. Kiko rewards customers by making seasonal promotions like the one for mascara or the one for nail polishes.

      • In all honesty – a lot of brands has one kind of a discount or the other. And if KIKO decided to have all mascaras for 1 EUR, I would totally ignore them as I’m more nail polish/eyeshadow girl. And don’t get me wrong – I LOVE it when they have nail polish discount. :biggrin:
        But if I spend 80-200 EUR in single purchase in a make up store, I expect to get a freebie just as a courtesy. I don’t mind if they give me tester, discontinued product … it’s the gesture that counts. And if the give me the choice of a free product – I love them even more. :silly:

        I envy USA ladies – I order in their on-line store and get free sample for purchases under 20 EUR, they have crazy promotions all the time … :sigh:

        • Sure, but I think you are not keeping in consideration that US sites that give freebies are usually big corporate perfumeries like Sephora and Ulta or high-end brand sites. Even Inglot, that you mentioned, is a high-end professional brand. Kiko on the other side is a middle/low-end brand like, say, maybelline or Catrice and, in my experience, those kind of brands do not give freebies(I guess they can’t afford it?). Honestly I think that the comparison between Inglot, US online shops and Kiko makes little sense, it would be like comparing, let’s say, Louis Vuitton and H&M if you get my point. Plus normally nobody would expect a 200€ purchase at Kiko. I would understand your complaint if you went to a perfumery(try the Italian Sephora… now THEY’re stingy!), but for Kiko I really don’t. I wish that they had something like a fidelity card, though. It would be nice to have, let’s say, free products in exchange for points.

        • I compared Kiko with Inglot since they both have stores with only their products. :wink: And I’m talking about Inglot in Poland which has comparable prices to Kiko … for example lipsticks in Kiko is a think little bit more expensive than in Inglot. Inglot has more – manager decides policy – so it can really go either way.

          And small USA one-band/family man stores are by no means big, but they still offer samples. And by that I mean that is very rare that they do not enclose it.

          Don’t think that Slovenia has better policies. Here samples in bigger stores are given if you’re smartly dressed. :undecided: But then again I don’t think we have “one brand” store so I have no idea how would they function in our county. I normally do get either small discount or smaller gift when purchasing in smaller stores (for larger amounts of course). We live in a weird country. :silly:

          I think majority of Essence/Catrice promos is limited to Germany, but I actually spotted somewhere that you can get “going away” Catrice polishes with your purchase. And Kiko is more expensive than either of those brands + it has Kiko exclusive stores that they do not have.

          Samples are expensive if we’re talking about bulk orders that you give away with each purchase. But every brand has either cheaper products or not so interesting ones or not sold anymore that they can enclose. It depends on their policy if they sell them in discount stores for 1-2 EUR or add one to 100 EUR purchase.

          And Kiko is mentioned just as example. The same thing is going on in lots of other European stores.

          • Yes, but Polish prices are lower than Italian brands, plus Inglot is produced in Poland. Of course its prices are lower if you buy there. If you make a comparison with the Italian Inglot you’ll see that it costs more than kiko, some products even cost twice as much(plus they give no samples, have no sales whatsoever, keep rising prices and have that stupid website without any colour or product description). You can’t make comparisons between brands based on prices from different countries, because prices depend on the economy of each country(the inhabitants’ income, etc) and on the origin of the product(a product will be cheaper in the country that produces it ).
            USA one-person companies sure often include GWP, but it’s usually small samples, not full-sized products. Plus I suspect that this kind of businesses do not have to cover the same kind of expenses that a more traditional business has to face(authorizations, sanitary controls, wages for the employees, etc.). I think that for smaller business it’s easier to give samples because they can estabilish their policies for themselves, while corporate businesses and franchisings work differently. Slovenia might have the same situation as Italy, but by reading your blog I got the idea that you get more promotions anyway(for example I’ve never seen free discontinued Catrice polishes, they have a discount but we still have to pay them). I think that for us is more common to get free shipping when we order from online stores rather than actual freebies.
            BTW I don’t mean to defend Kiko at all costs, I understood that it was an example. I simply thought that it was a bad example: I think that for Italian standards Kiko is a relatively cheap brand, and honestly I would never feel offended if I didn’t receive a freebie by a cheap brand. I’m much more annoyed by the fact that EXPENSIVE brands like MAC or Inglot and shops like Sephora don’t give freebies. There’s way worse than Kiko around.

        • Would love to chat more on this subject, but our comment for does not allow for lengthly discussions.

          We’ll have to finish the debate on the point that we agree that we disagree. :biggrin:

  3. :w00t: jojjj jaz sem iz portoroza in grem veliko krat v kikota in ne bos verjela da iscem tocno ta lakec in ga nikoli ne dobim! :( sedaj imam ze kaksnih 10 kikotov ampak jaz bi tegaaa :drool:

  4. Kiko ftw :yes:
    Kar se tiče popustov in darilc…imam že veliko njihovih izdelkov, vsakič ko grem v TS nekaj vzamem, ampak darilo je samo enkrat dobila mama in sicer tester za novo sončno kremo :whistle: pa še takrat ne vem, če je vzela kak velik znesek….
    V katerem si pa bila? Meni je veliko lepši tisti v nakupovalnem centru Montedoro :yes:

    • Točno tam sem bila … čeprav sva komaj našla šoping center. :biggrin:
      Zanimivo – očitno se branijo kupcev, ki pustijo malo večje količine denarja pri njih. :devil:

      • Center je malo skrit, ja :) Nima niti kaj dosti obiska, kar je prav škoda :/ Ima pa Kiko zaradi tega vedno vse na zalogi :yes: vsaj jaz sem do zdaj še vedno naletela na vse polne police :thumb:
        Branijo se niti ne kupcev, jaz sem vedno naletela na kakšne uber vsiljive prodajalke :whistle: Mi je pa zanimivo, da pri nas italijani v trgovinah vedno vprašajo, če lahko dobijo kak popust, tam pa ti ne dajo dobesedno nič :think: saj tisti tester za sončno kremo od mame ni bil niti za enkrat namazat po obrazu :angry:

  5. Hmmm, še vedno med untrieds … moram popravit, čudovita barva! Nikoli še nisem kupovala v Kikotu, sem pa dobila kar nekaj stekleničk od kolegice. Imam pa namen obiskat enkrat njihovo štacuno. :yes:


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