Guest post: OOTD Poppy Fields

Gejba: I asked one of my friends (her nick is Snow White) if she would be willing to write outfit post for our blog. Here is what she sent me …

When my dear friend Gejba asked me, if I would like to publish a guest post on the Parokeets blog, I gladly accepted her invitation. I decided to show you one of my everyday outfits. I like comfy, casual style, which also has to be friendly to my (student) budget. This outfit definitely meets my criteria and is both – comfortable for a reasonable price (let me give you a hint: the most expensive piece from this outfit was the handbag; a little over 20 €).

Guest Post - OOTD: Poppy Fields
OOTD: Poppy Fields

I love the motive of poppy blossoms because they remind me to summer – my favourite season. The red flowers peaking out of green or golden wheat fields… simply beautiful. The motive was the main reason why I fell in love with this shirt at first sight and it was a must have for me. Now it is one of my favourite pieces from my wardrobe.

I have a »thing« about earrings and own them in all possible colors and shapes. These little beauties are from a German accessories store Six.

So, tell me: how is your everyday style like? Which is your favourite piece of clothing?

Shirt – H&M
Jeans – Mango
Shoes, handbag and cardigan – New Yorker

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12 thoughts on “Guest post: OOTD Poppy Fields”

  1. Oooo, meni je tut zelo všeč, sicer ne nosim rada kavbojk :blush:
    ampak celota je super, sploh majčka :wub:
    in me zanima če se jo še da kupit oziroma kdaj si jo kupila?

  2. Oh my god, I LOVE that shirt! I love poppies! Is this shirt still available? (A) My fave outfit is pretty similar, nice jeans with a good shirt. My fave item at the moment is my black jeans from Stradivarius.

    • Thank you. Hm, unfortunately I don’t know, if they still have the shirt. I bought it in July, it seems it was part of the new collection. Hope you can get it! :wink:

  3. Luštno :) (je pa res da je tudi postavca brezhibna :yes: in da kot taki večinoma vse paše). Moj najljubši kos so kavbojke in si jih razen če kakšne službene obveznosti ne zahtevajo drugače kar velikokrat privoščim. Je pa tudi dober kos kavbojk, ki se lepo prilega na postavo danes kar težko najti.


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