Parokeets blog: Crazy Summer giveaway winner

First of all – HI/HELLO/HIIII/HOI/BONJOUR/HERROW/BOK …We loved all of your greetings and sending Slovenian ŽIVJO back to all of you. :D

We were surprised to see how many of you took additional minute and wrote us longer comments. And I can tell you exactly how much we appropriated them.
Last week we had a group bad day, so I copied majority of your comments (and only the comments) and sent them to each of the Parokeets authors. Our spirits lifted and we were once again full of energy and new purpose to write even better posts for you. THANK YOU!

Enough mushy stuff – it’s time to tell you who will be getting lots of new goodies.

And the winner is …

Well – I do have something else to say before I tell you who will be celebrating today. It takes couple of days to multiple your entries and is one of the most boring things on this planet at the same time. So my darling offered to write me script that would do that instead of me. Yes – I thanked him accordingly.
That means that results will be displayed in slightly different way. As lots of your nicknames include symbols, we displayed the results by email. That is why surrounding data will be blurred more than it usually is. It still took me couple of days to go through the printout as I wanted to make sure there is no glitch in the program. But you’ll be glad to hear that the next giveaway results will be published much faster.

I’m done. Now I can tell you who won this pile of goodies. :D

Parokeets blog: Crazy Summer giveaway
Parokeets blog: Crazy Summer giveaway

Inglot palette and other goodies are going to … Goldspecknails! CONGRATULATION!

Parokeets blog: Crazy Summer giveaway winner
Parokeets blog: Crazy Summer giveaway winner

Let us know if you like the goodies bag after you receive it.

Thank you all for your entries and wonderful comments. You made our day, week, month …

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