Video: Sleek – Pout Paint: Cloud 9, Milkshake, Pin Up, Mauve Over

Just a quick post to let you know, that I’ve uploaded a video about Sleek’s Pout Paint. There’s four Pout Paints (Cloud 9, Milkshake, Pin Up and Mauve Over) shown in the video. The video shows how incredible pigmented the Pout Paints are and that only a tiny bit is needed. There’s also a presentation how to mix the shades and what you get if you mix them. I don’t have the blue Pout Paint (Peek-A-Bloo), though I have a blue Lip Tar RX by OCC. I read on several blogs that RX and Peek-A-Bloo are similar, so I included RX to show you, why a blue shade is a necessity when it comes to mixing colors and creating new shades. Another must have is a yellow shade, but unfortunately Sleek doesn’t think so.

Have in mind that mixing Pout Paints (or Lip Tars) is just like mixing watercolors in the school.

For all of you, who doesn’t know what I’m talking about. (Description is taken from Sleek’s official web site.)

Pout paint is the new ultimate lip pigment that provides a blast of colour in one purse sized tube! The intensely saturated formula provides outstanding colour pay-off in just one tiny speck, and dries to a long lasting satiny finish. With a wide variety of Pout Paints to choose from you can mix up your very own unique shade using a combination of colours, or simply go for one stand out striking pop of colour.

To create your own personal shade, experiment by adding a touch of Peek-a-bloo, a unique blue tone to add depth and warmth to any lip colour. Or mix in a hint of Cloud 9, a pure white to lighten the load. Create the lip shade you’ve always wanted with Pout Paints!

I’ll write an extensive review on Sleek’s Pout Paints and I’ll also compare them to OCC’s Lip Tars soon. Before I write the review, I have to test them a bit more. I just wanted to show the colors and what one can do with them to our Slovenian readers. One of the Slovenian on-line stores that carries Sleek has a coupon code (-15% on entire order), which expires today.

Write in the comments if you’ve already tried the Pout Paints by Sleek and how do you like them?

*Products were sent to me for review purposes.

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  1. Namešati se sicer dajo zelo luštni odtenki vendar pa je zame to preveč packanja, poleg tega nisem tudi navdušena nad idejo da bi potem namešano barvo v lončki s seboj nosila + čopič…


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