I didn’t plan buying any of the Essence Little Bakery winter edition 24h hand protection balms. I don’t like scented products and I’m usually not  impressed with quality of their skin care products.

But when I spotted them in the store, I decided to check out the ingredients … just in case. I can’t say I was blown away with quality but this hand balms are actually pretty good. Coconut oil, she butter, moisturizers, vitamin E and C … Majority of hand creams available in Slovenia has way poorer ingredients.  I bought Raspberry Chocolate Cookie and Vanilla Apple Pie balms.

Essence Little Bakery (24h hand protection balm)
Essence Little Bakery (24h hand protection balm)

I love smell of apple, cinnamon and vanilla, but Vanilla Apple Pie balm has an artificial smell that reminds me of those awful children toothpastes. On the other hand I hate the smell of chocolate but love the Raspberry Chocolate Cookie balm scent – fresh raspberry note prevails and I love using this hand cream.
Scents are not really that strong, so Essence gets plus from me for toning down the perfume in their hand balms.

Essence: Raspberry Chocolate Cookie (Little Bakery TE 24h hand protection balm)
Essence: Raspberry Chocolate Cookie (Little Bakery TE 24h hand protection balm)

Hand balms are very moisturizing and nourish hands very well while leaving only very slight film for protection in this cold weather. I had no irritation what so ever. I’ll have to buy backup for Raspberry Chocolate Cookie balm as it’s not likely I’ll find another good and cheap hand cream again in near future. And as I use really a lot of hand creams they can get pretty expensive.

Price: 1,29 EUR for 75ml (2.53 fl.oz.) of hand balm with expiration date 12 months after opening.


  1. I bought the Raspberry Chocolate Cookie one and I also like it. The smell is nice and the cream works OK for ma dry skin. Good value for money if you ask me. :thumb:

  2. I’m running out of the Essence yoghourt and calcium one and would love to get one of this. I’ll probably try the chocolate one. I actually seldom reach for my prescribed hand cream, which I end up using when my hands are in a really pitiful state but find myself reaching for the Essence one though, as it’s not very rich, buttery or sticky.

  3. Ja do sad nigdje nisam vidjela ove kremice a želim ih isprobati :nervous:
    Nego, nisam razumijela, kad dolazi Catrice Big City Life LE u Kozmo? :unsure:

  4. Jaz sem si kupila samo vanilijo in jabolčno pito … moram priznati,d a jim je zelo uspešno ratalo zakriti oba vonja. :wink: Res je tak umeten sladkoben vonj, ampak ne vem, ali sem se ga navadila ali pa me ne moti več, ker mi sicer krema za roke kar ustreza, jo uporabljam.

  5. Čokoladno bi si takoj kupila, če bi jo kje našla – se mi zdi da so kar razgrabljene (ali pa jaz vedno prepozno pridem).

  6. Mmmmm, Raspberry Chocolate Cookie sounds great! :sigh: I love their regular 12h repair balm but the scent is a little strong. Hope I won’t miss these winter balms again (as I do every winter).


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