Pink Challenge: Day 3 by Gejba

Yesterday I started doing pink challenge manicure for today but it ended up looking really horrible, so I removed it at once. Today I started on another mani but this one didn’t turn out as it’s suppose to either.

I used Color Club Where’s The Soirée black polish for a base color. Then I sponged on bunch of liner holographic polishes: Essence Metal Babe, H&M Sinful Senorita, Color Club Wild At Heart, s-he 155, Magnetic Shimmering Titanium and Spectacular Stone.
I waited for mani to dry and then stamped with Essence Love This City and XL B image plate.

Essence Love This City pink challenge day 03 polishes

Fortunately I took the photos of this step, because otherwise I would have nothing to show you. Unfortunately holographic effect is not visible in the photo and because of all the silver particles in holographic polishes gradient doesn’t  show up either.

Essence Love This City pink challenge day 03 by GEJBA

Plan was to finish of the manicure with one coat of Essence Just Can’t Get Enough scattered holo top coat, but it was just to opaque to do the job as I envisioned it. Detail from above photo is taken from pinky where I applied the thinnest layer so the effect is somewhat visible.

Maybe I’ll have better day tomorrow. :D

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  1. lušna manikura! kje pa ti je uspelo dobiti ta holo top coat od Essence? jaz iščem po Mullerjih in DMjih v Ljubljani in Mariboru, pa ne najdem nikjer.


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