Third day of the Pink Challenge, which means third pink manicure. I decided that I really want to challenge myself and do different techniques and not just stamping or just crackle polish or just layering … which would be quite easy for me to do. I was really lazy in the past few moths and didn’t do much nail art. Not even stamping. So I decided that it is time to “wake up”. Now I want to step outside my comfort zone, look what’s beyond the boundaries, do something new to me or something I rarely wear or do. Maybe even learn some new techniques. I can’t promise you or/and myself that I’ll have the time to do something extraordinary everyday, but I’ll try.

Yesterday I already went outside my comfort zone and did a ridiculously kitschy manicure and today I have a french manicure for you. If you follow me, you’ll know that I don’t like french manicures and I rarely wear them. So this is another manicure that was challenging for me. I like this one much better than the one from yesterday, but it’s still something I wouldn’t wear often.

French manicure: Pink Challenge Day 2: Essie - Knockout Pout + Color Club - Hot Couture by Maestra
Pink Challenge Day 2: Essie – Knockout Pout + Color Club – Hot Couture by Maestra

I used Color Club’s Hot Couture polish as a base and then painted the neon pink french tip with Essie’s Knockout Pout. At the end I lined under the french tip with the silver nail art polish by Essence.

If you were wondering what is this Pink Challenge. Here are the rules:

  • for entire week you have to publish manicures with same polish;
  • you can layer, stamp over it, draw nail art … but base polish must still be visible in some way (so no layering black over it).

And here are the links to the lovely ladies that are participating in the pink challenge:
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What do you think about my “Day 3 manicure”? Would you wear it? Do you like french manicures?


  1. Mixed comments and feelings about this french mani. That’s good! I love when we have different opinion and different taste. That just means that there’s variety! :thumb:
    Thanks for your honest comments ladies! :ahug:

  2. Tole mi pa izgleda precej zabavno, sicer mi francoska ni pri srcu in verjetno tudi tele ne bi nosila, ampak je pa zabavno pogledati :wink:

  3. Tale mani mi pa ni preveč všeč. Ampak nasploh mi je francoska manikura redkokdaj všeč … Zanimivo, da si se odločila da boš šla čisto ven iz ustaljenih stvari ki jih počneš z laki. :) Jaz delam ravno obratno – hočem spravit rožnato barvo v svoj sistem tako da jo posvajam s svojimi manevri. :D

  4. Lušno in kljub roza konici presenetljivo diskretno…tudi sama zelo, zelo redko nosim roza barvo, morda edino poleti…tole je pa prav simpatično. Bravo Maestra! :yes:

  5. Očitno bomo v t em tednu videli precej drugače ne-nevidenega. :biggrin: Tudi jaz ne maram preveč francoske manikure niti roza barve, vendar tale stvaritev na tebi izgleda precej nosljiva. :love:

  6. Jaz ne maram FM ampak presenetljivo se mi pa ta zdi prav zabavna – bi jo nosila (če bi se mi dalo ubadati z postopkom nanašanja…)

  7. Every time I start doing french mani it turns into something else. :biggrin:
    I like that its a little bit funky, but you still stayed in french mani range. :nails:


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