For my last pink manicure I wanted to create something that I would actually like and wear. That means that there isn’t a lot of pink involved. :D Finally here is my seventh pink manicure.

Pink Challenge: Day 7  Essie - Knockout Pout by Maestra
Pink Challenge: Day 7 Essie - Knockout Pout by Maestra
Pink Challenge: Day 7  Essie - Knockout Pout by Maestra
Pink Challenge: Day 7 Essie - Knockout Pout by Maestra

This was actually my second attempt. Yesterday I created something that I didn’t like at all and I wasn’t in the mood to do another pink manicure. So I postponed my seventh pink manicure until today, which was a good idea, because today’s manicure is way better than yesterday’s.

Products I used:

  • Essie – Knockout Pink
  • H&M – Duo Nail Polish (Golden Nails)
  • Alessandro – Be My Angel
  • CND – Limelight
  • Konad IP m13
  • XL plate D

How do you like my last pink manicure?

To round up the Pink Challenge, here are all my pink manicure. Which one is your favourite?

If you were wondering what is this Pink Challenge. Here are the rules:

  • for entire week you have to publish manicures with same polish;
  • you can layer, stamp over it, draw nail art … but base polish must still be visible in some way (so no layering black over it ).

And here are the links to the lovely ladies that are participating in the pink challenge:
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  1. It looks like days 4 and 7 are the winners! Those are my favourite manicures from my pink challenge manicures as well. ;)
    Thank you for your patience this week and for all your lovely comments!

  2. Tvoj četrti dan je še zmeraj moja najljubša manikura tega izziva. Res noro lepo, takole bi lahko rozasto nosila kadarkoli. :wub: Ko jo je fant videl me je takoj vprašal, kdaj se bom še jaz lotila marmoriranja. :biggrin: Madoniš, verjetno bi imela prvič lak do komolcev … Sicer pa mi je dan sedem super, rožnata kot accent mi je kul, sploh pa mi je všeč vijolična z zvezdicami. :yes:

    • Komaj čakam, da se lotiš marmoriranja. Zagotovo ti bo uspelo! Malo potrpljenja in morda pogledaš še kak tutorial na YT. ;) Če zatejpaš obnohtno kožico, je dokaj na easy. ;)
      Vijola je tudi meni kul zelene krpice pridejo lepo in potem še dopolnijo zvezdice. Škoda, ker so malo bolj čipo zvezdice in imajo ostre robove in potem se kje zatakneš in odpadejo. :(

  3. First I though that the image represent cow from Cow and a Chicken … but saw on the next photo that it’s a skull … I almost died laughing at my lack of perspective. :haha:

    My favorite is still water marble. :love:

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