Preview: Alessandro Croco Glam

You know me – every crack that comes out makes me smile, but this time those of you that were wishing for more elegant kind of crackles will be joining me. :D

Alessandro will be launching Croco Glam limited edition. It will consist of 4 sets with base color, crack polish and top coat.

Preview: Alessandro Croco Glam
Preview: Alessandro Croco Glam (Gold/Black, Silver/Black, Gold/Brown, Beige/Claret)

These crackles don’t crack in chunks but in more elegant lines. My favorites are gold/black and beige/claret combination.

Preview: Alessandro Croco Glam sets

Price: 14,95 EUR for a set.

What do you think of the “crocodile” pattern? Like or dislike?

*photos used in collages are courtesy of Alessandro

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14 thoughts on “Preview: Alessandro Croco Glam”

  1. Kaj pa vem, taki crackli mi niso pretirano všeč, sploh pa ne za tako absurdno ceno. Alessandro je res predrag. Crackli so me tudi že precej minili, tako da jih verjetno spustim, čeprav sem si jih podrobno ogledala na polici. :yes:

  2. This kind of fractures in crackle polishes is my favorite. Actually the “usual style” I don’t like at all, but this is one is closer to decoupage finish and I like the most. Crackles with this style are from brands like Kelier and Kleancolor, and now this one… I’m happy but all of them are so hard to find :cry:

  3. I have already bought one of the sets and just swatched it on my blog. I’m really happy, because I like the “Croco” look much more than the “typical” Crackle look.

    I have just put in a link to this post, because I don’t have a picture of all four sets. I hope, that’s ok with you! :) If not, please contact me, and I will remove the link immediately.

    Ninea :)

  4. Waaaaa, vse kombinacije so mi všeč, še posebej “žirafja” (zlato-rjava). Ampak zaradi kar hudih cen mislim da si bom privoščila samo eno ali dve :wink:

    • That shade is form last years LE right?
      If I were you, I would contact importer for your country and ask them if they happen to have one laying around. :cute:

  5. Na fotki izgleda zelo lepo razpokano. Rdeč mi je všeč. Ne vem pa, če bom kupila, ker sem crackle že rahlo pustila za sabo. Malo so že zlajnani … :ermm:


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