Rules – giveaways on Parokeets blog

Let’s start with basics and REQUIRED steps.

  1. You have to enter your email into the form, so we can contact you if you’re the lucky one.
  2. If you don’t wish to receive our newsletter, make sure that square is empty.
  3. You have to agree with our terms if you wish to participate in Parokeets giveaways. They’re basic and usually only there as we try to very straightforward and certain that you understand our limitations.
  4. Leave a COMMENT on giveaway blog post. There is usually question as part of the app or one hiding in post (if you don’t see it in app).

OPTIONAL – these vary from giveaway to giveaway (sometimes you’ll have multiple options, sometimes just one, sometimes none …). You get additional entries (so more chance to win):

  • if you follow us on Tweeter or tweet about giveaway (write down your nick and if you tweet use hashtag #Parokeets). You can do both and simply mark choose 2 filed from dropdown as Twitter;
  • if you follow us on Bloglovin (EN, SLO … please specify which one are you following);
  • if you follow us on Instagram (add your nick in the specified field);
  • if you follow Gejba’s or/and Maestra’s YouTube channel (add your YT name + which Parokeet are you following).

There is usually only one winner which is picked randomly by computer program.

You can enter only once the chosen giveaway.

You have to respond in 48 hours after we send you email. If you do not, the second one picked will be contacted and given opportunity to receive the prize …

Giveaways are International:

  • please note that you are responsible for all eventual costs of customs taxes (we’re from EU). It’s not likely to happen, but it can. ;
  • we’re not responsible if your customs rejects the package.

Minors (under 18 by our law) need parents/legal guardians permission to enter because you can not disclose your address to us without it.

We’re paying for the shipping and if it is not otherwise stated all items are sponsored by us and are brand new.

The main points will be added to each giveaway and those are the ones that you should follow – this post is mainly here for in-depth explanation.

We will be adding things if there is need for further explanations, rules …

If you have any kind of question considering this topic – please ask.

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  1. Kupila sem si modrega in srebrnega, komaj čakam, da ju sprobam! Če bosta ok, si bom šla še po kakšnega, zelo pa me mikajo tut NfuOh, ki izgledajo čudovito!


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