The best birthday ever

As many of you already know I celebrated my birthday last Friday. Thank you for all your lovely wishes … you made my day even lovelier that it already was.

Let’s start at the beginning. My darling took the day of so we could spend the whole day together … running around on errands but still – we were together. I was feeling very good and as I planned to spend majority of the day surrounded with family so it was bound to get even better.

After returning from morning visit, suddenly he took a “wrong” turn and we were heading to Austria. I looked exactly like this . I was already pondering where could we rejoin the highway to Ljubljana when he literally took my breath away … I was told that we were heading to Austria where we will be picking up my birthday present. I was shocked and speechless at the same time. My darling, my family and my oldest friends joined the forces and bought me the one thing I really wished to have and was already saving for … camcorder. There are no words that can say how much this means to me.

Birthday present Panasonic camcorder

Parokeets ladies and few of my other friends are only ones that I get specific gifts from. Others give me money (I’m always saving for one thing or the other) or gift certificates … they say I’m just to picky and that there is no way in hell they’ll be buying me anything. I can’t say I blame them. But because of that I was even more shocked to receive such a perfect gift. Don’t tell them, but happy tears were shed.

Want to see what I got from Maestra? The most perfect brush that I’ve been using non stop since I got it. You’re the best babe. I would show you Goga’s gift too, but it’s already in my stomach. :D

Real Techniques Blush Brush

And as we were already in Austria, we made a quick stop in their Muller where I picked up few of the Essence and Catrice polishes on my WL.

Austria haul Essence/Catrice - 10 2011

Afternoon was spent codling with my immediate family, eating, trying out new camera, eating … :D But there was one more surprise … I received my swap package right on my birthday.

Thank you Jen, I LOVE this collection.

China Glaze Metro collection
China Glaze Metro collection

And as little birdie told me I’ll be getting one more beauty … called Peridot.  

Uuuu – and lets not forget the “party ice” (glass cubes filled with colored water) I got from lovely lady that I bug all the time about Essence collections. We dissected the use, pro and cons at the party we had the next day.

Stri-linga was such a darling and sent me the postcard for my birthday ages ago so I would get it time … but it arrived today. Such a lovely gesture and greeting.

Strilinga postcard

I think it’s safe to say that this was the best birthday ever.

9 thoughts on “The best birthday ever”

  1. Taki posti še mene spravijo v dobro voljo. Res lepo, da dobiš toliko pozornosti in taka presenečenja imam osebno najraje. Super darilo, super pozornosti od vseh! Mislim da največ pomeni (vsaj meni ponavadi), da te imajo toliko radi, da so se uskladili med sabo in šli skupaj v nabavo. Zelo lepo! :yes:

    PS: Komaj čakam swatche!!

  2. wow, I thought it got lost. I’m happy it finally arrived :) and I’m so happy for You – the gifts are great. Camcorder – amazing :) That’s great. Have a lovely evening :)
    Hugs&kisses :) :*


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