I needed a “pick me up” manicure couple of weeks ago. I discussed what to put on with my Facebook friends and got tons of great suggestions, but I either didn’t have that shade in my collection (see – it’s still too small ) or I wasn’t feeling the color. But I felt good chatting about it so thank you girls for all your suggestions.

In the end I went to my “untrieds” rack and picket two colors – p2 Patchouli and Ruby Kisses Baby Blue. I was in a mood for green and something sparkly over it.

p2 Patchouli + Ruby Kisses Baby Blue bottels
p2 Patchouli + Ruby Kisses Baby Blue bottels

I was going to show you only final result, but Vesna wished for “unspoiled” Patchouli, so this swatch is for her. :D One creme green beauty coming up.

p2 Ethnic Touch LE - Patchouli nail polish swatch by Parokeets
p2 Ethnic Touch LE - Patchouli swatch (2 coats)

And the combo with Ruby Kisses Baby Blue – tealish glitter in clear base. I used only one coat.

p2 Patchouli + Ruby Kisses Baby Blue nail polish layering
p2 Patchouli + Ruby Kisses Baby Blue nail polish layering

Patchouli is really lovely shade, but it managed to stain my nails.

Which version do you prefer – first or second?

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  1. meni je prva kombinacija bolj všeč, nekako nisem (še) v bleščičastem obdobju… je pa tale Patchouli res prekrasen, škoda da obarva nohte.

  2. Oooo, tale p2 je pa fantasičen! Ne vem, kako mi je ušel z radarja, prvič ga vidim! o.O Zgleda kot zelo dober dvojnik Rampage od Illamasque. Sicer pa sta mi obe manikuri fantastični. Zelene kreme tako ni nikdar dovolj, bleščice pa le še dodajo k lepoti. :) Super kombinacija!

  3. stvarno krasni lakići, ja bih oprostila i obojane nokte :thumb:
    p.s. nedavno sam negdi pročitala da je cura očistila nokte sa sodom bikarbonom, probaj pa javi :yes:

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