I’m not sparkle and shine gal, but I adore Swarovski crystals. Those are the only stones I allow on my “special” clothes.

So let me tell you how it looked like when I first saw photo of Alessandro Guardian Angel luxury polish set with gorgeous Midnight Red red nail polish in the bottle and Swarovski stones on the cap … OMG, I HAVE TO HAVE THIS OR ELSE THE END OF THE WORLD IS COMING. And I’m not exaggerating.

Alessandro Guardian Angel Luxury Polish Set
Alessandro Guardian Angel Luxury Polish Set (X-Mas 2011)

Who’s with me that this is perfect Christmas gift/New Year for red nail polish freaks?

Price won’t be low – 19,95 EUR (27 USD) for 15ml. But it’s still in the range that is customary for these kind of bottles/editions.

You know what is weird? Nails Inc has similar bottles, but I never really got into their Crystal Colour line. I guess I find clear stones on silver cap more appealing than their combos.

*photos used in collages are courtesy of Alessandro



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