Catrice King Of Greens bottle
Catrice King Of Greens bottle

Those of you who are following my YouTube channel already know from my haul video that I bought few of the new Catrice nail polishes.

I guess it’s not really surprising that the green shade was the first one I tried out. Catrice King Of Greens is just enough light and yellowish for me to love it. If it were lighter or more yellow I would probably hate it. :D

Catrice King Of Greens bottle
Catrice King Of Greens bottle

Polish is loaded with very fine (mostly) green shimmer. Slight brush strokes can be visible, but in all honesty not something you would notice without taking a really close look.

Catrice King Of Greens (swatch)
Catrice King Of Greens (swatch)

King Of Greens was easy to apply … after I trimmed one loose bristle. I used two coats and top coat.

Who else thinks this shade is ? :D


  1. Imam ga, ampak še čaka, da ga preizkusim. Prekrasen. :wub:

    P.S.: Gejba, tagirala sem te z 11 Questions Tag. Linka ne bom prilepila, da ne bom smetila bloga, ampak post najdeš na mojem blogu. ;)

  2. i’m actually not sure how i feel about this polish. i do like the colour and fisnish but there’s also something i don’t really like. even thoug i don’t even know what that is..

  3. Je poseben odtenek, predvsem zaradi drobnega šimra, ampak zelena ni ‘moja’ barva, tako da ga jaz pustim u trgovini za kakšno drugo navdušenko :wink:

  4. Aaaah, this looks so lovely! :drool: indeed!

    But I just know that I’m never ever going to wear it, this kind of green just doesn’t work for me. And yet every time I see it, I start craving it more. Must stay firm…

  5. it’s nice :) i am going to be looking for gelish navy blue like color club’s blue-topia and for bright teal and for emerald green and for a foresty green polishes. just saying ;P


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