HITS No Olimpo – Atena, Dionisio

Yay – I finally managed to do the swatches of the first two nail polishes I got in a swap from Brazil. Honor goes to HITS Atena and Dionisio from No Olimpo holographic collection.

HITS No Olimpo - Atena, Dionisio
HITS No Olimpo – Atena, Dionisio

First I swatched them on nail wheel and was little bit disappointed to see that they were pretty sheer. Take a look at the nail wheel swatches shown in artificial and sun light.

Fortunately the holographic particles do their mojo on the nails and sheerness is no longer the issue. I used two coats + top coat with both shades.

HITS Atena is pinkish holographic shade. Application is nice and so is holographic shimmer, but I disliked the toluene smell.

HITS No Olimpo LE Atena
HITS No Olimpo LE Atena (swatch)

HITS Dionisio has the same holo effect as Atena, but is purplish shade. They chose one of those darker (but not too dark) purple shades that lean on the cooler side, but still look good on warmer skin tones.

HITS No Olimpo LE Dionisio
HITS No Olimpo LE Dionisio (swatch)

Polishes contain only 6ml and if I’m not mistaken are cheaper than Aurora holographic nail polishes. These minies are not one of those that can last you for quite some time … especially if you have longer nails.

I’m still lemming Hera and Apolo from this collection. Do you have any of these beauties? How do you like them?

24 thoughts on “HITS No Olimpo – Atena, Dionisio”

  1. Lovely choice of yours! I’ve got the entire collection (which was actually a pain to get thanks to customs) and even with the whole custom situation I don’t regret a thing! Those are, in my opinion, the best holos I’ve got! They last a long time on the nails without topcoat, the holo effect is very good and the only sad thing I have to point is the size of the bottles. But honestly you should be lemming the rest of the polishes and not just Hera and Apolo :P

  2. They were good photos.
    In this collection the most popular and beautiful is Athens.
    It is scandalous under our sun.
    I would like to see the collection of Ludurana on your nails.
    A hug

  3. lep holo, čeprav barve niso ravno moje. Moj naj iz kolekcije je definitivno Ares, ker si že kar nekaj časa želim topel in popolnoa rdeč holo. Pa mi po slikah izgleda takšen. Ti ga imaš?

  4. Dejansko nimam velike želje po njih. Hecno, ne? Sicer so mi vsi swatchi, ki so na blogsferi naravnost fantastični, ampak se mi pa ne ljubi ukvarjati z iskanjem lepotcev zase. Res sem se razvadila s temi swapi. :)

  5. I’m quite lucky as I own almost all this collection (part from a swap and part from my hubby going to Brazil for a business trip last year) :D so far I tried just two of them and I really love the holo effect and application.
    Dionisio and Athena were among my favourites, I really like how they look on you!


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