Parokeets challenge: My favourite fairytale is … PHOTOS

Our 3rd BDay celebration is slowly ending. The last prize will go to the winner of our Parokeets challenge: My favourite fairytale is … challenge.


All the ladies did a fantastic job. Just look at all the awesome manicures and make-up.

MATEJA – My favorite fairytale is Tangled. When I look at this sweet girl with golden hair and the lilac dress I got inspired to do this manicure.
I wanted to do something I can wear normally. And because I’m not good at drawing I decided to do stamping instead. I used Catrice Lucky in lilac and Barry M Gold foil.

Zlatolaska - Mateja
Tangled – Mateja

NANIII – This is my interpretation of the classic Rapunzel story it involves gold nail polish with gold glitter and a single gray nail that represents the tower. The gold represents Rapunzel’s hair. The eye makeup fits the ring. Just so not everything would look so Grimm there is a sliver of gold in the eyeshadow that represents hope for the rescue of the princess.

Rapunzel - Naniii
Rapunzel – Naniii

IVANA – My favorite fairytale and one of the first animated movies I ever saw was Aladdin. Besides the magical, intriguing, and entertaining synopsis, a love story between Aladdin, young thief, and Jasmine, princess and Sultan’s daughter stayed in my memory throughout the years. Also, Jasmine became one of my favorite Disney Princesses because of her natural beauty (especially long beautiful dark hair and big eyes), independence, and expressed pursuit for happiness and fight against laws and stifle life. So normally I tried to recreate Jasmine’s look. I used natural brown eyeshadows, added big winged eyeliner, and naturally contoured and highlighted the face. Hope you enjoy the pics as much as I did create the makeup look.

Aladin - Ivana
Aladin – Ivana

INA – I decided to enter this challenge with Little red riding hood inspired nails. This has been my favourite fairytale since I can remember. My mother read it to me all the time when I was little. I still like it because it has a little bit of darkness in it, just like this mani. Red represents little red riding hood and the black is the darkness of the woods. Everything is finished with white wolf fangs details.

Little red riding hood - Ina
Little red riding hood – Ina

MAJA – My favorite fairytale from childhood is a story written by Slovenian poet Kajetan Kovič, named Pajacek in punčka. I always remember it with joy, because it was the first book I read and it inspired me to read more fairytales and also many less entertaining books. But more than the story itself I love illustrations by Jelka Reichman…which inspired me for this manicure. That’s it, thanks for your attention.

Pajacek in puncka - Maja
Pajacek in puncka – Maja

MARIJANA – My favorite Fairy Tale is Bambi. Many people don’t consider it a fairy tale, but I do. I love Bambi because it’s a story of friendship, love, and family. And I think those three things are most important in life.

Bambi - Nails From Fairy Tale
Bambi – Nails From Fairy Tale

URŠKA – Zvezdica Zaspanka (Sleepy Star) is my favorite fairytale, precisely because it is so similar to me. When I was younger I also like to sleep a lot, as well as I like to do now I also like how this fairytale teaches children responsibility.

Zvezdica Zaspanka - Urska
Sleepy Star – Urska

ANJA – I loved fairytales already as a little child. I remember how I listened to tapes, watched TV, and read books for hours. I liked them all but my favorite by far was The Little Mermaid. I knew the cartoon by heart. Mermaids were (and they still are!) one of the most fascinating things to me. As my inspiration I chose their tail – at first sight, it looks somehow plain, but on the right light its magic reaches out.

Little Mermaid - Anja
Little Mermaid – Anja

ANKA – I was not sure which fairytale story to choose, because when I was little I liked reading and listening to the tape of “Zvezdica zaspanka” (The little sleepy star”, with which I still have a lot in common – I love sleeping and I have blonde hair).
In the end, I decided on the story I loved the most – Snow White. Whit the red paint I wanted to present her bright red lips and the love that she felt for the animals. I made the pictures with Konad templates (especially M83) and a golden Barry M Gold Foil lacquer. The red color is a Manhattans nail lacquer.

Snow White - Anka
Snow White – Anka

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  2. Joj, že? :sigh: Čas reees beži. :w00t: Krasne umetnije punce, moj glas pa gre Ini. :) Vso srečo punce, nagrada je res krasna! :wub:

  3. I’m logged in on GFC and FB but still can’t seem to vote, so I am giving up. I wanted to vote for INA – Little red riding hood

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  4. Wow, super! :bow: Čudovite stvaritve! Ideja mi je izredno všeč in obžalujem, da nisem sodelovala, vendar enostavno ni bilo časa. Se pa s toliko večjim veseljem pasem po fotkah! :drool:


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