Review and swatches: Catrice Nymphelia LE

Catrice Nymphelia limited edition is out! At first inspection of the stand I bought 3 nail polishes. Brown one wasn’t that special and I already have Rambo No. 5, so those two I left in the store. I was sooo sad that all the blushes were sold out … and I wouldn’t even want it that much if Maestra didn’t say how lovely the tester looked on me. But my darling came to the rescue and sacrificed part of his lunch hour to go to the store where it was still available.

Catrice Nymphelia LE
Catrice Nymphelia LE

Catrice Be Pool was the first shade I tried out and first time I used new brush. You can see how that went in Catrice Nymphelia video. :D It was kind of stressful moment for me – can you imagine how disappointing would it be if one of your favorite brands switched brush to something unusable? Thankfully Catrice didn’t go overboard with width, so the brush is still OK. Maybe those of you with smaller nails will have to switch techniques, but as far as I can see majority of “non-polish-addict” users prefer one (2 max) stroke application anyway.

Be Pool is limited edition color, so if you love this gorgeous blue-green shimmery nail polish, now is your chance to get it. I used only one coat of base coat but there was no staining whatsoever. Will be reaching for this shade again.

It seems to me that Catrice changed their formula – polishes are not as thick as they used to be … at least those nail polishes that I tried so far. First five nails were little bit awkward to apply (I’m sure camera in front of me had nothing to do with it … yeah right), but then application went smoothly. I used 2 coats + top coat.

Catrice Nymphelia LE Be Pool
Catrice Nymphelia LE Be Pool swatch

Catrice Fred Said Red has even thinner formula than Be Pool. This pretty warmer medium red will be part of regular line, so no rush to get it in this limited edition. VNL is still visible after two coats, but if VNL does not bother you – 1 coat can be enough for nice application. I flooded my cuticles twice as I kept expecting thicker nail polish. Shame on me. 2 coats + top coat.

Catrice Nymphelia LE Fred Said Red
Catrice Nymphelia LE Fred Said Red swatch

I apologize in advance for disastrous swatch of Catrice Salmon&Garfunkel shade. This nail polish looks to me like nude apricot shade. Do keep in mind that it looks slightly darker on nails than it does in the bottle. One moment this shade is a little more on pinkish side and other on orangey one. Of course my camera saw it as heavy duty orange and when I tried making photo with camcorder it came out completely pink. fail. This polish look a lot prettier IRL. Most realistic color is shown in video at the end of the post. Color as shown on the photo is the one I see under artificial lighting (but less on the orange side). Application was pretty nice for almost pastel like nail polish. 2 coats + top coat.

Catrice Nymphelia LE Salmon & Garfunkel
Catrice Nymphelia LE Salmon & Garfunkel swatch

Catrice Nymphelia LE Dancing Nymph marbled baked blush is also available only in this limited edition. I’m not a huge fan of shimmery blushes, bronzers and highlighters, but I like this blush. I can’t really see any shimmer on my face, more of a glow … but then again I have no idea how will Dancing Nymph look like in sunlight … hopefully not to shimmery. Brownish-orange color is perfect for me (I have pale, yellow to neutral skin-tone). I like the fact that blush is appropriate for those of us who are blush shy, but at the same time buildable for those of you who want more color.

Catrice Nymphelia LE Dancing Nymph baked blush
Catrice Nymphelia LE Dancing Nymph baked blush swatch

The second time I stood in front of Nymphelia stand, I bought Have You Seen Alice? Intensif’ Eye baked eyeshadow. I liked both eyeshadows, but as they’re not that cheap I decided to get greenish-blue shade with pretty dark base. I applied it over Rival de Loop esb and it turned out as dark as you can see on the swatch. On the eyes I applied it over Essence It’s A Snow-Woman’s World liquid eyeshadow and it came out a lot lighter.

Catrice Nymphelia LE Have You Seen Alice baked eyeshadow
Catrice Nymphelia LE Have You Seen Alice? baked eyeshadow swatch


  • 10ml (0.33 fl.oz.) of nail polish – 2,59 EUR
  • 6.3g (0.22 oz.) of blush – 4,69 EUR
  • 0.8g (0.028 oz) of eyeshadow – 3,99 EUR

Video review:

Have you tried new Catrice nail polish brush? Do you like it more or less than old one?

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24 thoughts on “Review and swatches: Catrice Nymphelia LE”

  1. I haven’t seen the LE here, but the new products that are permanent are already in the stores. I bought Salmon & garfunkel. It’s such a pretty polish!

  2. Mislim da mi bo novi čopič še bolj všeč, ampak odtenki me nekako niso pritegnili tako da bom počakala na redno linijo, ki je sicer že v Mullerju!!!!
    Opazila sem tvoj nenavaden način nanašanja laka od krivini, jaz imam vedno težave tam in vedno porabim veliko časa, pri tebi je pa to en, dva tri in si končala
    Naslednjič bom tudi jaz preizkusila Gejba tehniko :yes:

  3. joooj, meni pa nov čopič sploh ne odgovarja. Sumim, da imam zanj prekratke nohte in ga zelo težko obvladam pri nanosu. :) ampak, ker so laki tako noro lepi, pač malo potrpim in nanosu posvetim več časa. :yes:

  4. I hope I can find Be Pool over here! I can’t resist greens, that’s it.
    Is Salmon&Garfunkel similar to I Scream Peach by Essence? I love this colour but I know the Essence one just makes me look like a shrimp.

  5. Joj, senčka zgleda super, zdaj mi je pa žal, da je nisem porajtala. Saj v bistvu ne vem, če je sploh še bila na stojalcu … Zdaj je verjetno nikjer več ne dobim, v Ljubljani imamo nesramno malo LE od Catrice na voljo.

    • Senčke bodo v redni prodaji, tako da bo Have You Seen Alice? kmalu na vseh stojalih. :yes:
      Že tako imamo na voljo premalo Catrice stojal, potem pa se ne odločijo niti za vsaj 2 LE stojali. :sigh:

  6. nemam zelju za nicim iz ove kolekcije, a nadam se samo da mi nove cetkice nece bit prevelike, bojim se da bi mogle bit i ove stare su mi vec skoro prevelike :ermm:

  7. Hmmm..potem praviš, da je Be Pool bolj modro-zelen? Ker, jap, na promo slikcah mi je bolj zelen zgledal, na nekaj swatchih skoraj samo moder – kar je pa čist preveč modre zame :))
    Salmon&Garfunkel bo pa treba v živo vidt, se mi zdi, da ima dober potencial.

  8. Kako to da je ova kolekcija već stigla.. nadam se da će onda uskoro i kod nas u Hrvatskoj stići, posebno mi se sviđa rumenilo..

  9. Novi čopiči izgledajo vrhunsko! :w00t: Že zaradi tega bom morala nabaviti kakšen lak, hihi.
    Zelo uporaben video. :thumb:


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