As you know, Maestra and I started a huge project. We’ll be testing bunch of lighter toned liquid foundations and writing ton of reviews … I’m already sweeting. We went on a scouting mission to one of our stores and while I was busy writing a list of possible candidates, Maestra was doing recon of new LE’s. When she hit Collistar stand, she started showing me one gorgeous product after another … look at this fantastic green nail polish, blue mascara, and those eyeshadows! And she was right – Collistar came up with on of the best spring limited editions I’ve seen in a while.

But then again, how could it suck color-wise when they drew inspiration from beautiful Capri island. Take a look at the very interesting nail polish selection:

Collistar Capri LE - nail polishes preview
Collistar Capri LE – nail polishes (Marc, Mint Milk, Ivy, Papaya)preview

And two gorgeous blushes are not far behind the nail polishes …

Collistar Capri LE - blushes preview
Collistar Capri LE – Rosy Weave, Amber Weave blushes preview

I loved eyeshadows and eyeliners too … and mascara is truly blue!

Collistar Capri LE - eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascara preview
Collistar Capri LE – eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascara preview

This limited edition was haunting me, so I allowed myself to buy one item from it. If I knew in advanced that this fantastic LE was coming, I would have incorporated few more items in the budget. :D

Like a true polisholic I bought nail polish … Mint Milk shade.

Collistar Capri LE - MintMilk nail polish bottle
Collistar Capri LE – Mint Milk nail polish bottle

I can not tell you how perfect is this shade for me. It comes in more vibrant pastel like green that usually and it works perfectly with my slightly yellowish tone. Application was nothing special and I liked the brush. Like majority of its sister shades, it can be slightly more blue or green. Now 2 coats are all you need … except when you have horrible headache … then you’re to likely mess up … like I did. So I needed the third coat to undo the damage I managed to do on one of the nails.
Price: 13,39 EUR for 10ml (0.3 fl.oz.)

Collistar Capri LE - MintMilk nail polish swatch
Collistar Capri LE – Mint Milk nail polish swatch

Later on I got a chance to try out Collistar Papaya nail polish on one of the Collistar promo events. Lovely creme orange nail polish.

Collistar Capri LE - Papaya nail polish
Collistar Capri LE – Papaya nail polish

I was hesitating between pink blush, green eyeshadow and Mint Milk, so I swatched blushes and eyeshadows at the store. I never intended to take photos of these products, but as they survived the way home … I don’t usually like “store swatches”, as I have nothing useful to tell you about items. Yes, they apply nicely with finger and blushes have shimmer in them, but that is it.

Collistar Capri LE blush swatches
Collistar Capri LE blush swatches

Eyeshadows – one layer, no base.

Collistar Capri LE eyeshadow swatches
Collistar Capri LE eyeshadow swatches

Do you have anything from Collistar Capri LE?
What would you buy if you had to pick one item?


  1. Hello!

    I love the “Mint Milk”!! I tried buying one similar, but the company didn’t ship to the United Statess. May I ask, where did you purchase it? Thank you!!


    • In Slovenia we have Collistar stands in stores. Mint Milk was part of summer look and I’m not sure if it’s still available. I saw other nail polishes from Capri LE on clearance in “my store”, but not this one.

  2. waaaaaaaaaw kera huda barva…. :drool: love at first sight… :stars:
    pa je bla do zdej tut temno zelena pearly petrol moja najljubša

  3. Meni je ta firma RES predraga. V en lak sem se zaljubila tu pri vas, mislim, da ga je imela Maestra, pa mi je tudi zdaj na znižanju čisto predrag. Škoda. Ta modra senčka mi je sicer zelo všeč. :love:

      • Hehe, ne, za zelenega petrolčka je šlo. :) Mislim pa da Melanzane ni bilo med tistimi nekaj stekleničkami. V Supernovi na Rudniku imajo, tam pri blagajnah od Mullerja, v enem zabojčku par flašk, znižanih na 9,90€. :)

        • Hvala za info. :rose: Imam občutek, da je boljše da ga ne vidim – ker potem bo sledila cela študija ali bi raje imela orto zelenga iz nove kolekcije ali staro ljubezen. :biggrin:


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