Goodbye Google Friend Connect campaign

First of March is behind us and GFC is gone forever from all of blogs who are not hosted on Blogger/Blogspot.

Unfortunately the worst case scenario happened – GFC subscribers stopped getting feed about new posts in their readers. It was to be expected, but some of (mainly) blogs were hit hard. That is the reason Charlotte from Lipglossiping suggested bloggers from all platforms dedicate 8th of March to this problem.
Instead of posting campaign photo, I encourage everybody to read her Goodbye Google Friend Connect and a plea! post. Its best to hear about the problem from the source of the campaign.

As you know, I wrote about alternative ways to follow our blog in GFC is gone – now what post. Everything I have written still applies and to make sure all of our readers are aware of the issue, we put on banner (linking to mentioned post) on top of the post box to highlight the issue. We’ll leave it there for at least whole March if not longer.

In the name of all of non-Blogger/Blogspot users – we would appreciate it if you spread the word about GFC shut-down for part of our blogosphere.

This post is also available in SLOVENŠČINA.

10 thoughts on “Goodbye Google Friend Connect campaign”

  1. Tudi jaz še vedno dobivam objave na reader iz vašega bloga, upam da so pozabili name in bo moj še vedno deloval (samo nikomur ne povedat) :zip:

    • Kolikor spremljam debate, so problemi z Bloggerjevo platformo, kjer .blogspot blogerke berejo objave. Google Reader za 1x deluje nemoteno. :thumb:

  2. I’m happy I’m still getting the feeds. Otherwise, I’d have to bookmark tons of non-Blogger blogs, or find a new (and probably, very inconvenient) way to follow them :(

    • Are you reading feeds from your Blogger dashboard or Google reader?
      If you’re using Google reader, you can simply manually add missing blogs. :yes:

  3. Kaj pa če bi si vsi google reader zrihtal? Jst ga mam že sto let, pa nikoli nobene vaše objave ne zamudim :) Pa pregleden je pa ni nekega strahu da se bi ga ukinl….

    Sam predlog, v primeru da vam blogerjem na uspe :)

    • Yeah – nobody knows why some are still getting their feed while others don’t. But I’m glad (that at least for now) some of you are still receiving the feed. :happy:


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