Misslyn Leguan (Peacock LE) over black base

I got two duochrome nail polishes from Misslyn Peacock limited edition. Chameleon because I wanted to compare it with Chanel Peridot and Leguan which I liked the most. Maestra already wrote very detailed review about Peacock collection, so I won’t go into the details.

Just wanted to show you my current manicure – Misslyn Leguan (no. 729) layered over Color Club Where’s The Soiree.

Misslyn Leguan + Color Club Where's The Soiree
Misslyn Leguan + Color Club Where's The Soiree

Effect itself I love, but I have few grievances with this manicure. First – Leguan is way to frosty and opaque for layering … for my taste of course. Maybe the manicure would be more to my liking if I used 2 coats of Leguan, but even one coat wouldn’t dry (with fast drying coat) so I was hesitant to apply second coat. But with such a strong metallic/frosty effect, I’m not sure I would have gotten better result. I’ll have to try this nail polish over dark green base to avoid the harshness of black base and in different formula to see if the slow drying time was caused by conflict with Where’s The Soiree nail polish.

Misslyn Leguan layered over Color Club Where's The Soiree swatch by Parokeets
Misslyn Leguan layered over Color Club Where's The Soiree swatch

Anybody tried layering Leguan over Misslyn black nail polish? How was the drying time?

12 thoughts on “Misslyn Leguan (Peacock LE) over black base”

  1. Jaz se še kar ne morem odločiti. :S Čez črno so mi precej bolj všeč, ampak tudi meni se zdijo preveč brush-stroky nasploh. Ma ne vem. Predno se bom zmislila, bodo tako ali tako razprodani. :biggrin:

    • Zdaj, ko so dobili stojala, jih vsepovsod videvam. :biggrin:
      Za moj okus, je ena plast duochroma premalo – samo moram pogruntat kaj vzet za bazo, da se hitreje posuši. :think:

    • Niso v Essence rangu, vendar hudo dragi tudi niso. Je pa res, da za njihove odtenke rada vidim prej swatche, da me ne “presenetijo”. :angel:


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