I was searching for Catrice Heavy Metallilac for some time and finally snagged it couple of weeks ago. I was curious to see if the nail polish is really as special as everybody claimed … and I wasn’t disappointed.

Catrice Heavy Metallilac
Catrice Heavy Metallilac (bottle)

With my stash of purples and violets it’s hard to impress me, but I loved this shade. Main draw with Heavy Metallilac polish is for me the way warm and cool colors blend, violet and purple mix … Application was nothing special, but as with any metallic nail polish you have to watch out for the streaks. I used two coats + top coat. Poshe top coat was obviously not the best choice as it shrunk the polish quite a bit. Or maybe I used it at the “wrong” time. I was hurrying with application as we were already late for picnic, so …

Catrice Heavy Metallilac swatch by Parokeets
Catrice Heavy Metallilac (swatch)

I added Finger Paint Twisted on my ring fingers. Here is (not so great) detail of the combo.

Catrice Heavy Metallilac + Finger Paints Twisted
Catrice Heavy Metallilac + Finger Paints Twisted

For the end – few of the photos from the picnic … first we got stuffed and then went for a walk.  :D

Food first ...

Picnic nature
... than on the walk to burn calories

Blooming nature
blooming nature

Blooming nature
blooming nature

lovely Juna
lovely Juna

Happy Easter for all of those who are celebrating.


  1. Tale odtenek pa videvam na vseh blogih in mi nekako ni dovolj všeč da bi si ga kupila, na tebi pa veeno izgleda perfektno :wink:

  2. I’m not sure how i feel about this polsih.. i really want to love it, but i don’t. Just not a huge fan of purple on my nails i guess :P

  3. Sem se še odločala, če bi ga kupila ali ne… Na nekaterih swatchih je bil lep, na nekaterih ne toliko.. Ampak me je tvoj prepričal, ASAP gre z mano. :wub:

  4. Tale lak mi na swatchih ni izgledal nič posebnega, a ko sem ga nanesla na nohte, sem bila osupla, kako je bil lep. :wub:

    Super fotke s piknika. :)

    • Jaz sem vsepovsod brala – lak je veeeliko lepši v realnost … potem me je pa še bolj matral firbec kakšen je v resnici. :biggrin:

      • Hehe, točno to sem hotela napisati – da ga bom pa zdaj res morala kupit, ko pa povsod berem, da je v resnici mnogo lepši, me že res firbec matra. :D


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