Review and swatches: Jessica Hologram Chic set

I was researching Jessica Smoky Feather nail polish, when I bumped into Jessica Hologram Chic set. Hologram? Set? I need to know more. :D

I became totally obsessed with this set and sent out bunch of emails to see where could I buy it. Guess what – it was sold out and our importer did not have this limited edition set. It’s mild to say that I was terribly disappointed.

Few weeks went by and Heavy Petal LE came to Slovenia. But what instantly raised my blood pressure was sideline info … and we received few of the Hologram Chic sets too. YES!

Jessica Hologram Chic set
Jessica Hologram Chic set

I was seriously impatient to try out this combo. Why? I’ve been hearing a lot that true linear holographic polishes almost disappeared because new formula (B3F) does not agree with the “holo powder”. And since Jessica is B3F and cruelty free to boot …

You get Retro Revival (water based base coat) and Disco Diva (silver linear holographic nail polish) in a white box with holographic Jessica logo and name of the set.
Instructions: apply 2 coats of Retro Revival hologram base coat, followed by 2 coats of Disco Diva. Do not use a top coat.

First I applied Retro Revival base coat (only one layer ). Those of you who are familiar with this kind of formula, know how annoying it is to apply true holos over regular base coats. I love the shine of water based base coats and Retro Revival gets a plus for more pleasant smell when compared to Nfu-Oh Aqua Base.

I used 2 coats of Disco Diva and was very pleasantly surprised to see that application was piece of cake. Verdict? It’s a holographic nail polish in the true sense – linear holo all the way. Which basically means that it looks silver in the shade, has pretty (but not strong) holographic finish when exposed to daylight bulbs … and “wow” effect in the sun.

Jessica Hologram Chic - Disco Diva
Jessica Hologram Chic – Disco Diva (artificial lights swatch)
Jessica Hologram Chic set - Disco Diva (sun)
Jessica Hologram Chic set – Disco Diva (sun swatch)

If you are linear holo fan, then you are going to enjoy in this close up photo of holographic effect.

Jessica Hologram Chic set - Disco Diva
Jessica Hologram Chic set – Disco Diva (detail)

This set does not come cheap – 24 USD in USA and 26 EUR if you buy it from our distributor. In the end I received this set as a gift from the kind couple who imports Jessica.
But as I did go to their office with intention of buying the set, the price was obviously still acceptable to me. I would rather see whole color range of linear holos sold individually from Jessica though. Hopefully Hologram Chic set was just a teaser.

Anyone else who got this set and would like to see more holos from Jessica?

Video review and swatches (sun, lightbox):

*I received set for review from Jessica Slovenia.

10 thoughts on “Review and swatches: Jessica Hologram Chic set”

    • Ko naslednjič katero izmed večji podjetij spet začne s trditvijo, da se nova formula res ne zastopi z B3F, vemo kam jih usmerit po napotke. :biggrin:

  1. I love Jessica stuff. More colours? For sure!

    But there is Glitter Gal. And that is SO easy to apply. Now available in the UK. And, of course, internationally from llarowe.

    • True linear holos that are easy to apply? Maybe I’ll someday splurge on one to try them out, but with 14-20$ for 9ml-15ml + shipping, they’re not high on my wish list. :biggrin:


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