Preview: Catrice Coolibri LE

I can’t remember when was the last time I was so exited over new Catrice limited edition as I’m over Coolibri LE. Everything looks really tempting and majority of the collection ended up on my wish list.

Fantastic and full of color – it beats its small, powerful wings enthusiastically and hovers above the blossoms of gorgeous exotic flowers: the coolibri, a tiny hummingbird with bright, colorful feathers from the depths of the Amazon. Its mysterious home and breathtaking blaze of color offer the inspiration for the contrasting and fashionable colors of the 2012 summer season catwalk looks with intensive, bright color blocking – and is reflected in the Limited Edition “Coolibri” by CATRICE. In June and July 2012, sunny yellow and rich green shades, cool turquoise blue, warm orange-red and fresh pink whisk you away to the iridescent world of Amazon colors. Strong colors in stark contrast to soft textures – your eyes and nails are sure to be ultimate eye-catchers emphasized by soft, subtle lips. The ideal make-up for summertime – fascinating, light and radiantly beautiful!

All nail polishes (2,59 EUR) ended up on WL because of pretty bottles and lively summer colors. It’s kind of obvious which two are my favorites.

Catrice Coolibri LE nail polishes preview
Catrice Coolibri LE nail polishes preview: Birds Flying High, Twist of Lemon, Abloom, Exotica, Virgin Forest

My absolute favorites from this collection are not nail polishes though. First place goes to eyeshadow pens (3,69 EUR). I adore this type of eyeshadows as my secondary eyeshadow base.

Catrice Coolibri LE: eyeshadow pen preview
Catrice Coolibri LE eyeshadow pen preview: Precious Nectar, Birds Flying High, Virgin Forest, Exotica

Liquid-gel Jelly Cheek Tint (4,19 EUR), subtle color changing lip balm (5,19 EUR) and gold eyeliner (3,09 EUR) … my poor wallet. :D

Catrice Coolibri LE: cheek tint, golden glow, lip balm preview
Catrice Coolibri LE: cheek tint, golden glow, lip balm preview

The most uninteresting part of this LE for me are Nectar lip glosses (3,99 EUR) … those I would buy just so I could look at them … and never actually wear them … so I’ll skip those.

Catrice Coolibri LE Nectar gloss preview
Catrice Coolibri LE Nectar gloss preview: Birds Flying High, Feathery Pink, Gorgeous Blossom, Exotica

Who else will join the hunt for Coolibri LE products?

*photos for collages courtesy of Catrice

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25 thoughts on “Preview: Catrice Coolibri LE”

  1. Kere barveee ! :wub: Tudi meni so všeč vsi laki, veselim pa se tudi senčil v stiku. :)) Glosi me pa ne pritegnejo najbolj..

  2. ooo, marička, hočem vse lake, razen rožnatega. Pogojno lahko še rumenega spustim, ampak samo pogojno, če bo suša v denarnici. Poslikava na ročajih je naravnost fantastična!

  3. These Eyeshadow Pens look really interesting! I love those from KIKO and hope that these are as good as them. :) The polishes look also really great. That greanish-blue one on the left looks so beautiful!
    Greetz, Bea

      • Yeah, that non shimmery green one from KIKO works so great under every kind of green eyeshadow and there’s a dark blue color which is also so great for smokey eyes! :wub: I don’t know those from Gosh. The problem here is that Gosh is sadly not available everywhere. Maybe I’ll take a closer look at them at my next trip to the Netherlands. :yes:

  4. Trenutno imam namen iz te kolekcije vzeti samo lake, drugače bo denarnica preveč trpela. Upam, da bodo v živo laki prav tako zanimivi kot na promo fotkah.


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