In the past year or so BB Creams are becoming the next big thing. It seems that every company is putting its own BB Cream on the market. If you are new to BB Creams or you do not know, what a BB Cream is, HERE is a link to a short description of BB Creams. I liked the idea of BB Creams, so I tried two of the affordable ones that are available in Slovenia – Garnier – Blemish Balm and L’Oreal – Nude Magique.

Garnier - Blemish Balm vs Loreal - Nude Magique (BB cream comparison)
Garnier - Blemish Balm vs Loreal - Nude Magique (BB cream comparison)

After a couple of days of using the products I can write my first opinion about these products.

Garnier – Blemish Balm (in Light for combination to oily skin)

SPF 20, 10€, 40 ml of product.

Light, liquidy cream, that covers surprisingly well (light to medium coverage). Although I have normal to dry skin, this product isn’t drying on my skin. Actually my skin looks greasy and shiny after just one hour of application, which I think it’s funny, because I have normal to dry skin. Application is easy with fingers or with a brush. My complaint is the alcohol denat, which is third on the list of ingredients. And you can clearly smell the alcohol when you are applying the cream. Another complaint of mine is the packaging, which is a tube. I would prefer a pump or at least a much smaller hole. This stuff is very liquidy and it’s very easy to get way too much product out of the tube.

L’Oreal – Nude Magique Bb Cream (for fair skin tone)

SPF 12, 12€, 30 ml of product.

This product is interesting, because of the way it looks in the tube. The cream is white and it has tiny dark spots in it. At first it looks like some kind of scrub or something. But the tiny black spots are actually “smart pigment capsules to correct tone, cover imperfections and refine skin structure”. The capsules react with skin contact (or with rubbing). I thought this is interesting concept.
In comparison to the Garnier BB Cream this one gives you less coverage. I’d say it’s light coverage. The finish is more matt and it stays matt for quite some time.

Some comparison photos.

Straight out of the tube.

Garnier - Blemish Balm vs Loreal - Nude Magique (BB cream comparison)
Garnier - Blemish Balm vs Loreal - Nude Magique (BB cream comparison)


Garnier - Blemish Balm vs Loreal - Nude Magique (BB cream comparison)
Garnier - Blemish Balm vs Loreal - Nude Magique (BB cream comparison)

On the skin.

Garnier - Blemish Balm vs Loreal - Nude Magique (BB cream comparison)
Garnier - Blemish Balm vs Loreal - Nude Magique (BB cream comparison)


Garnier - Blemish Balm (ingredients)
Garnier - Blemish Balm (ingredients)

Loreal - Nude Magique (ingredients)
Loreal - Nude Magique (ingredients)

All in all I think both BB Creams are nice. If I had to choose I’d choose the Garnier one, because it looks slightly nicer on my skin and it is cheaper, but the L’Oreal one has also some advantages (packaging, finish).

Now I’m curious if you have ever tried these two BB Creams and which one do you prefer? I’m also interested if you are a fan of BB Creams and which one is your favourite?

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  1. Jaz imam Garnier-jevega. Se kar lepo obnese. Ga pa vedno kombiniram z prosojnim pudrom v prahu, ker se moja koža po vsakem takšnem in drugačnem pudru ali kremi sveti. Sem kar zadovoljna z njim, je svež, poleten, samo za izenačiti ten kože. Za kakšen bolj neubogljiv mozoljček še vedno uporabim korekotor.

    Priznam pa, da sem v vročih dnevih zelo nereden uporabnik krem(tudi BB) in pudrov, ker se mi enostavno zdi, da je po tem ko malo zakuham obraz videti še dosti slabše, kot če uporabim samo puder v prahu in korektor. Preprosto ne prebavljam tistega občutka rahlo prepotene namazane kože – kot bi bila umazana in neumita. :think:

  2. i would love to try them, but unfortunatly the lightest shades are too dark/orangie for me..

  3. Imam Garniejevo in mi je všeč mazljivost in dejstvo, da se ne ‘vsede’ v gubice, je pa svetel odtenek še vedno rahlo pretemen in je zelo rahlo prekrivna.
    Sem si naročila od Skin79 (oranžno s 50 faktorjem) direktno iz Koreje in je super odtenek (preprosto bela, kar mi še najbolj ustreza, saj je končno moj obraz v istem odtenku kot vrat :wink: ), me pa rahlo moti, ker se po suhi koži zelo težko maže, moram pod njo uporabit kakšno mastno kremo mi pa prekrije velik del nepravilnosti (se mi zdi, da celo ‘ubija’ mozolje) :wink:

  4. what a great post, just right for the summer!
    did anybody with oily skin tried the garnier one? i heard there is also one garnier bb crem with matte effect, but i can not find any reviews, has anybody try that? and one question for maestra, has the garnier bb cream more of a yellow undertone than the loreal one? hope somebody can answer all my questions, because i reaaallly want one for summer, but the bb creams dont usually work with oily skin… :(

  5. Now I have the Garnier. It makes me too the shiny skin, but i put a little bit of the loose powder translucent from Essence ;)
    When I’m finish with that, I’ll try that from L’Oreal.. and I heard from Estee Lauder too, have to try. Uhm.

  6. I haven’t tried any of these bb creams but as far as I’ve read most people don’t like the Garnier one for oily skin so I’ll stay far away from it. The only bb cream I have tried was one from Skinfood, the peach sake one. I liked how it made my skin look even and blemish free, but it wasn’t really for oily skin either ):

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