Kiko Blu Inchiostro nail polish (no. 335)

Meet one of my favorite Kiko nail polishes – no. 335 aka Blu Inchiostro. You already met Kiko 335 – I used it as a base for Max Factor Fantasy Fire. Today I’ll how you how this pretty shade looks on its own.

Kiko Blu Inchiostro nail polish (no. 335)
Kiko Blu Inchiostro nail polish (no. 335)

What is so special about this shade? It’s has slightly jelly like look, so I can use it for “sandwich manicures” + is gorgeous blue color which is either blue or slightly more violet-blue with hint of green. I still have VNL after 2 coats, but that kind of goes hand in hand with slightly more sheer formula. And by jelly like I refer more to the final look as application it self it not difficult.

Kiko Blu Inchiostro nail polish (no. 335)
Kiko Blu Inchiostro nail polish swatch (no. 335)

Who’s agrees with me that this is one seriously pretty nail polish?


    • I don’t have that one, but if I remember correctly that one was more blue, blue while 335 has hints of green and thens to look slightly purplish half of the time.

      P.s. Did I miss you’re Inglot haul? :nervous:

      • no You haven’t missed anything actually. i just realized i didn’t write You back. i’m so sorry. i’ve been busy but i am going to go ahead and post everything any time soon ;)
        actually, i’ve been thinking and i may even try to write a few lines in english. we’ll see how that goes.
        anyways, yes. essence is a true blue like a.. not royal blue but maybe a little bit darker royalish blue..

  1. Zelo lep :wub: …kot vsak Kiko, ne :biggrin: Sem zaljubljena do ušes vanje :wub:
    Kakšna pa se ti zdi obstojnost? Jaz in jelly laki si nismo preveč pri srcu, ampak če je obstojen zna bit, da bo pristal v moji košarici naslednjič :nails:

    • Hm – nimam pripomb ne na obstojnost, ne na sušenje (kar zna bit pri meni recimo problem pri krem Kiko lakih).
      Meni ni pri srcu VNL, ampak če ga lahko uporabim za “sendvič” … mora biti moj. :biggrin:


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