Well – I needed “only” 10 days to make swatches of these two nail polishes. Go, me … not. :D
Meet 2 Max Factor Max Effect mini nail polishes – Fantasy Fire and Dazzling Blue.

Max Factor - Max Effect: Fantasy Fire, Dazzling Blue
Max Factor – Max Effect: Fantasy Fire, Dazzling Blue

I’m guessing you already know all about Max Factor Fantasy Fire … supposed dupe for famous Clarins 230 duochrome. This is one seriously pretty nail polish with all that green, purple, blurple, bronze rainbow captured in one tiny bottle. But I must say that for me personally this nail polish is not in the drop dead amazing category – must have yes, to die for no. Formula is sheer, so I didn’t even try to use it by itself (I have to hunt down another bottle before I tackle multiple layers with this shade ).

Here is photo which will hopefully demonstrate how Fantasy Fire looks like with different amount of layers … and those layers are really thick.

Max Factor Fantasy Fire layers
Max Factor Fantasy Fire (2, 3, 4 layers)

I tried it out over black (Gosh Nero), blue (China Glaze First Mate) and purple (China Glaze Urban-Night) base.

Max Factor Fantasy Fire layered over black, blue, purple
Max Factor Fantasy Fire layered over black, blue, purple

I liked it more over blue and purple than black. First time I used Fantasy Fire, I wore it over Rival de Loop no. 45. Two sheer polishes make one good combo. :D

Rival de Loop 45 + Max Factor Fantasy Fire
Rival de Loop 45 + Max Factor Fantasy Fire swatch

For the next combination, I used one of my favorite Kiko nail polishes Blu Inchiostro – no. 335. This is the only swatch that came out at least reasonably OK. Details taken from “sun swatch”.

Kiko 335, Max Factor Fantasy Fire
Kiko 335, Max Factor Fantasy Fire swatch

Max Factor Dazzling Blue on the other hand is not so sheer, so I can’t say it’s good for layering … especially over black (Gosh Nero). It looked nice over green-blue (Rival de Loop 67) base, but as it’s frosty and can be worn by itself …

Max Factor - Dazzling Blue layered over black, green
Max Factor – Dazzling Blue layered over black, green

… I used it as such. 2 coats are enough for good coverage, but you would need 3 layers if you wanted to get rid of VNL on longer nails. Duochrome effect is composed mainly from green and blue colors, but there is hint of purple in there too.

Max Factor Dazzling Blue
Max Factor Dazzling Blue swatch
Max Factor Dazzling Blue
Max Factor Dazzling Blue

Price: 3,95 EUR for ~5ml (exact amount it’s not listed on the bottle)

I had just enough time to glance over the rest of Max Factor minis, but I think at least 2 looked really promising.
Any particular shade that I should take a look at?

Video review (lightbox, sun):

Update: I added photo of how Fantasy Fire looks like when applied in 2, 3 or 4 thicker layers.


  1. You know what, I like Dazzling Blue better (ducks and covers). I have never seen Fantasy Fire in person but I hate sheer polish. My husband likes Fantasy Fire better. He would. : )

    They are both hot.

  2. Sem kupila Fantasy Fire, seveda. Itak. Močno me spominja na moj layering Revlon Royala in BeYu 209. Sem pa mislila, da ga je mogoče nositi samostojnega, ampak če praviš da je redek, bom ponovila layering. Drugi lakec pa me ne prepriča. Imam nekaj drugih ogledanih od teh minijev. Mislim da je en Moon Dust ali nekaj takšnega … pa še en moder. :) V bistvu bi bila dva modra, ampak tisti ki je bolj teal, izgleda identičen enemu, ki sem ga dobila v swap paketku. :)

    • Jaz sem ravno danes kupila vijoličnega in modrega, tealčka pa pustila na polički. :biggrin: Dobro, da si me spomnila na njiju. Sem ju kar v torbico vrgla in sedaj praktično pozabila na njiju. :biggrin:

  3. I love these so much and like little bottles too cause I’d never probably use a biggest one. The only problem is they don’t seem to sell these exact ones which sucks a lot!! Btw ur nails r to die for! :thumb:

  4. Meni je pa presenetljivo zelo všeč Fantasy Fire čez črnega, da izgleda zeleno pa sploh ne maram zelene :think:

  5. FF je v steklenički mnogo lepši kot na nohtih. Je lušten, ni pa oh in sploh in uau.
    DB pa me ne prepriča … sploh.
    Lepe fotke in video. ;)

  6. Did you find the minisized Fantasy Fire in Slovenia? I think I’ve missed it if you already mentioned that, sorry. About two weeks ago we started getting Max Factor polishes in Italy, too. Previously we only got makeup but no polishes. Now there are two displays with both big and mini bottles, but Fantasy Fire is missing from both (not that it is sold out, I don’t think it’s sold. Period).

    • Yes – I bought it in DM drugstore in Ljubljana. I think Max Factor still sells only specific shades in each country. They used to had one of the leading make up artists from each country who chose which shades will be sold in specific country, but I’m not sure if they still have the same policy.


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