I already drooled all over new Catrice nail polishes, but this time I’m all over their makeup goodies too. Last Catrice assortment change just wasn’t as interesting as I hoped it would be (not that I skipped buying quite a few things anyway ), so I’m hoping this time products will be more to my taste.

I made short video of all new Catrice goodies … including the nail polishes, so you can skip first part in you already read my previous post.

Want to see my favorites? Camouflage cream (3,09 EUR) really caught my eye – it will be available in 3 shades and I’m definitively expecting great coverage, or else … :D
BB foundation (6,29 EUR)? Let’s see how Catrice views the trend. And Waterproof Top Coat mascara (4,69 EUR) – yes, please! Can’t wait to try it out.

Catrice assortment change spring 2013
Catrice assortment change spring 2013

Eyeshadow base (4,19 EUR) is probably no-brainer – I’m always interested in those. :D For some reason reflective pen/concealer and Skin Finish never end up in my basket … I’m determined to correct my error this time round.
Absolute Nude palette (5,19 EUR) is also one of the more interesting things – it has potential, but will see if the quality is good.

To be perfectly honest I also want Calligraph pen, new eyeliners …

UPDATE: forgotten lip products.

Catrice 2013 assortment: lipgloss, lipstick
Catrice 2013 assortment: lipgloss, lipstick

*photos for collages courtesy of Catrice



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