Catrice, Catrice, Catrice, Catrice – why don’t you just take all the money from my poor wallet? It will be quicker and less painful. :D Wondering what will be my downfall – read it for yourself:

From March 2013 onwards, CATRICE will be presenting the new generation of Ultimate Nail Lacquers. 47 trendy colours. Gloss Booster technology. A gel-like effect. Innovative features for sensational results right to the tips of your fingers …

47 new or relaunch colors, with new “wonder/reservoir” brush which is suppose to be best thing after cupcakes – one stroke is all that it will take to paint your nails, no nail polish dripping, smooth application … I have to try out these babies … like the new colors alone are not already enough of a temptation.

40 of the “new” nail polish shades will be part of Ultimate Nail Lacquers and 7 Ultimate Nudes line. I hope I attached the correct name to each nail polish, but I was up late doing this so errors are possible.

Catrice nail polish batch 1 – nail polish numbers ranging from 01 to 12. Oldies seem to be Pimp My Shrimp and Genius In The Bottle. But as always with Catrice – they could be very similar color-wise or something completely different. We’ll have to wait and see how do new colors compare to the old ones. All I’m going to say is … I have both oldies.
And do check out that Hugo Moss – I’m already panting.

Catrice new nail polishes spring 2013
Catrice new nail polishes spring 2013

Catrice nail polish batch number 2 – nail polish numbers from 13 to 24. The one that really got me laughing was Bloody Marry To Go – just today I recommend this shade in video even though I was not sure if you could get it at all. :D There are few other gorgeous shades from the past in this bunch – Caught On the Red Carpet, George Blueney, Fred Said Red, Meet Me At Coral Island

Catrice new nail polishes spring 2013
Catrice new nail polishes spring 2013

Catrice nail polish batch 3 – nail polish numbers ranging from 25 to 36. What can I say – I want those that I don’t already have … so everything besides Raspberryfields Forever.

Catrice new nail polishes spring 2013
Catrice new nail polishes spring 2013

Catrice nail polish batch 4 is composed of Ultimate Nail Lacquers last 4 shades and all 7 Ultimate Nudes. I’m Dynamite looks really hot and Vino Tinto has potential but I’ll have to judge in person about other nail polishes.

Catrice new nail polishes spring 2013
Catrice new nail polishes spring 2013

As far as I can tell, all the current nail polishes are going away. It does make sense as they’re bringing new formula, new brushes …
Here is list of all the additional Catrice products that will be leaving us this spring so we have to stock up on our favorites … or if you’re like me, save your pennies for bunch of new goodies coming our way.

Catrice going away products for spring 2013
Catrice going away products for spring 2013

Next post will be dedicated to the new Catrice products that are not nail polishes … duh.

*photos for collages courtesy of Catrice

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  1. Let’s say that I hope their new brush is less bushy than the one they used on the latest bottles.
    Pleaseeee Catrice :whistle:
    Actually I would buy some of them just because of the name (Denim Moore, Robert Red’s Ford) and I hope I won’t end up buying dupes (Petrolpolitan might be a No Snow Patrol re-labelled?).
    Another must have should be Squeeze Me…A duochrome, I hope!

  2. Huhuh, vsaj polovica mi izgleda že sedaj čudovito :yes:
    Upam da bo moj rojstni dan kmalu prišel naokoli :wink:

  3. Waaaaaaa Hugo Moss in Purple Reign izgledata res obetavno.
    I’m dynamite pa bo definitvno moj :drool:

  4. Moja WL novih Catrice in Essence stvari je bila že velika, dokler še nisem vedela za to prenovo lakov, med novimi Catrice stvarmi pa vidim vsaj 16 odtenkov, ki se bodo morali znajti v moji zbirki. :stars: Pa baje bo cena višja, včeraj mi je ena nemška blogerica rekla, da bo pri njih višja za 30 centov (torej bo tudi pri nas). Mislim, da si ne bom delala zalog z odhajajočimi izdelki, bom raje šparala za nove stvari. Zato sem pa ta mesec na no buy-u, da lahko potem marca več kupim in probam. :blush:

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