Catrice Matchpoint limited edition (preview)

Let’s take a look at summer limited edition from Catrice called Matchpoint.

Game, set and match. If you would like to play at the top of the fashion league this summer, you’ll go for a trendy mix of sporty chic and elegant business style. Blouson jackets and oversized overalls line up next to boxy dinner jackets and minimalistic shift dresses. Everyday casual styles peppered with glamorous details.

I browsed through photos and chose my favorites. Again – nail polishes are not no.1. It’s time to throw out old lip products and replace them with new, so upcoming lip balm tints (4,69 EUR) really cough my eye. If I like the texture, I’m getting both of them. What kind of eyeshadow base junkie would I be if I weren’t at least curious about Longlasting eyeshadow base & highlighter (3,49 EUR) right?

Last item on my “I’m very interested WL” are blush sticks (4,19 EUR). Sometimes I love Catrice cream blushes and sometimes I hate them – we’ll see how it goes this time. Blush will be available in two shades: 01 ChamPINKon in 02 Rockby.

Catrice Matchpoint limited edition (preview)
Catrice Matchpoint limited edition (preview): blush sticks, lip balm tints, longlasting eyeshadow base&highlighter

Nail polishes (2,59 EUR) look nice, but nothing special. I like red shade and will probably getting that one. I doubt I’ll buy other 3.

Catrice Matchpoint limited edition (preview)
Catrice Matchpoint limited edition (preview) nail polishes

Last items in Matchpoint LE are: Allround waterproof mascara (they’re promising length, volume and curl for 3,69 EUR), 3 baked eyeshadows (3,99 EUR) and sporty cosmetic cube bag (3,69 EUR).

Catrice Matchpoint limited edition (preview)
Catrice Matchpoint limited edition (preview): Allround waterproof mascara, baked eyeshadows, cosmetic cube bag

Catrice Matchpoint LE is coming to stores in June and July 2013.

What do you think about this LE? Anything in it for you?

*photos courtesy of Catrice Slovenia

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