New on Parokeets blog (2013)

I would say it’s that time of year when we post our annual survey – but we’re little bit late with it this year.

We changed few things from last year, most of them are connected with new theme. Here are changes new theme brings + quick overview of our blog.

I personally have a list of your requests + another one of things I want to talk about and try to alternate the two. I’ll continue with polls where you can decide what you want to read about as those are really helpful with deciding what to swatch/review first. I would love to write more posts, but I’m currently dealing with our “wonderful” bureaucracy and they’re really sucking life out of me, not to mention take up most of my free time.

I still owe you lot of more basic posts, but those take time to write and I’m not a great writer in the first place, so I’ll probably be doing them more in video than blog post format.

If you have any other suggestion, we’re open to all of your ideas.

Survey is completely anonymous, so please feel free to write down anything you want.

Your suggestions, critiques are still greatly appreciated and as always a lot of them will be taken into consideration.

Giveaway and survey are now closed.

This post is also available in SLOVENŠČINA.

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