Catrice Mint Me Up and I’m Dynamite nail polishes

Yay – I finally managed to swatch two of the most requested 2013 Catrice nail polishes. Catrice Mint Me Up and I’m Dynamite got most of your votes.

Catrice Mint Me Up and I'm Dynamite nail polishes

Catrice Mint Me Up

Catrice Mint Me Up nail polish
Catrice Mint Me Up nail polish

Now, this was one of most awaited nail polishes in Catrice 2013 spring assortment change. Just look at the gorgeous light green shade with multitude of tiny shimmer. Gold and green and orangy shimmer give life to this shade, but at the same time can be culprits for streaky application if you’re not careful.

While shimmer gives life to otherwise possibly boring green shade, “sun spots” as I lovingly call them kind of ground this nail polish and connects everything together into one stunning shade.

I used standard 2 coats and one layer of top coat.

I’m Dynamite

Catrice Mint Me Up + I'm Dynamite
Catrice Mint Me Up + I’m Dynamite

I bought this nail polish because the glitter looked kind of interesting. You know that I’m not huge fan of hexagon glitter particles, but this combination of smaller and bigger glitter intrigued me. I think it was the color that got to me. Half of the time glitter looks sliver and other half very dark blue or black.

This is not one of those smooth gliding glitter nail polishes that you apply as you would any other nail polish and glitter nicely spreads over the nail. I would recommend you use little bit thicker layer and then transfer rest of the glitter from brush with tapping motion.

I used only one layer for the swatch of I’m Dynamite over Mint Me Up.

Quality of the nail polish itself was not the issue for me. But caps together with brushes – now that was seriously lacking any kind of quality control. Luckily for us, Catrice will be correcting their mistake and putting revised nail polishes with new caps on the shelves. I would also like to have the option to buy new caps for the 9 nail polishes I already bought.

Price: 2,59 EUR for 10 ml (0.33 fl.oz.).

Any other Mint Me Up lovers among you?

14 thoughts on “Catrice Mint Me Up and I’m Dynamite nail polishes”

  1. Mint me up is so frustrating to me…I love the shade but my camera hates it, I cannot get the copper flecks to show at all!!

    • Odvisno kako zelo si na “lakoholik” strani. :biggrin: Mint Me Up je poseben zaradi svoje kompleksnosti, ampak če nisi freak, potem ti to najbrž ni pomembno. :silly:

  2. Se strinjam, tale Mint Me Up je res :thumb:
    Uf, če so resni s prenovo tehle škart flašk, bom pa še mal počakala, če sem uspela že do sedaj, in potem pa končno res še zase enega poiščem.

  3. S temle mint odtenkom so res zadeli v polno. Jaz imam samo ta odtenek od prenove in imam sestro na sumu da mi ga ‘krade’ :wink:

    P.s. A bodo zamenjali plastiko? In odtenki bodo ostali? Če je to res potem pa definitivno še počakam, preden kupim še kakšen odtenek al pa še en ‘mentolček’ za sestro :wink:


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