Survey Q&A

I finally made it through all your survey answers. You were really thorough and honest, which I absolutely loved.
I’ll try to make this as structured as possible so Q&A it is. Q being not typical questions but more your suggestions, comments …

Q: Not enough girly site, I like the new layout, new layout is not enough elegant, hate background …
A: We’re all 30+ year old women, so I’m guessing we grew out of our girly phase. Layout is more “general” on purpose as we have very different personalities and same goes for our readers – this way is least problematic for majority. I’m with you on background. I wanted to incorporate our logo in it, but have to tone it down first.

Q: Logo: love it, hate it, bring back parakeet, does not reflect your site
A: Now this one was interesting – half of you were very vocal about missing our mascot and other half could not wait to be rid of it. :D

Q: Only snippets show up in reader, no photo included
A: This question was already answered in previous surveys – as long as technology is the way it is, there won’t be full articles in readers. Why make it super easy to steal content for the bad guys? Lack of photo is one of the template glitches. If they don’t fix it soon, we’ll do it ourselves.

Q: Why not buy a colorful modern theme which is responsive?
A: Our theme is one of the newest ones (hence still little bit buggy), definitively not cheap and is responsive. Colorful is not something easy to pull with when you have wide audience as half of it will hate it. Responsive? It is responsive, but this feature will probably be turned off as nobody complimented it, one really hated it and I’m not a fan either.

Q: Last posts in sidebar …
A: Coming up as soon as I manage to resolve some template issues.

Q: Write more, there is a lot of you, complain less
A: Actually – there are 4 of us with author status on Parokeets blog, but Goga and Mamy don’t write very often as they’re busy with other things in life. Maestra was overwhelmed by “real life” also, so she too has a lot less time to blog. I’m the one who complains too much about lack of time – my frustration sneaked into to many posts lately and I’ll do my best to cut it out.

Q: Post about foundations, mascaras, lipsticks …
A: I’m thinking of merging left over foundations in one post, so I can start with clean slate +  Maestra is preparing 12 BB cream review. Mascaras – 3 tested but I have to get my eyebrows done before I do swatches and my favorite beautician is no longer working. It’s either bushy brows, uneven if I do them myself or find somebody else … and the last one will take time. I didn’t know lipsticks are “in” – guess it’s good thing I’m currently in process of replacing most of my lip products. But I’ll start with pen lipsticks so those will be more featured on the blog than regular packaging ones.

Q: High end brands …
A: We don’t have MAC, NARS or Urban Decay in Slovenia, so those brands are not as present on blog as much as they could be. Currently I like the products from Estee Lauder, Clinique and Clarins + Collistar, Isadora, Make Up Factory from entry HE brands. I’m sure I forgot few, but those are the ones that catch my eye more than others.

Q: More make-up looks …
A: I’m pretty sure you’re missing Maestras make-up looks, as mine are usually 5 min slap it on and run. :D


Thank you all for your in-depth answers and great suggestions. generator chose the winner of Estee Lauder eyeshadow palette from the 41 of those that decided to enter our survey giveaway.

And the winner is … Hrestomatija. Congratulations! Please send us your password and other information in the next 48 hours to

EL giveaway winner

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