Orly Oh Cabana Boy nail polish

I bet you didn’t expect to see this kind of hot pink on my nails. And let me tell you something – Orly Oh Cabana Boy nail polish turned out to be major attraction while sitting on my “to swatch shelf”. Everybody noticed it right away and wondered how come I have this bold and vibrant shade and all other shades are well, not … I put it side by side with 2 taupe Anny shades to make matters worse. :D

Orly Oh Cabana Boy nail polish

I was skeptic about this shade as pinks with blue flashes usually look really horrible on me, but for some reason this one enhanced slight tan and made my whole hands look feminine and playful at the same time. Not bad for one of my least favorite colors.

Application was not problematic, brush perfect as always and 2 layers are enough too achieve decent coverage (tips are still visible).

Orly Oh Cabana Boy nail polish swatch
Orly Oh Cabana Boy nail polish

To be perfectly honest, I don’t really know why do I have so few of Orly nail polishes in my collection. I’m satisfied with quality of all of them and I think of Orly as one of the better brands out there. Maybe I don’t really digg their colors choices? On the other hand I kind of fell in love into Sparkling Garbage (hate the name though ) from new LE. <3

Price: 10 EUR for 18ml.

In any case, I would like to thank Orly Slovenia for sending me this nail polish to test it out. They threw me out of my comfort zone, but at the right time and with surprisingly good color.


  1. Tega imam tudi jaz v mini verziji. Kupila sem ga že kar nekaj časa nazaj. Barva je super, vendar pri meni finish ni tako svetleč kot pri tebi (mogoče so kaj spreminjali formulo?).

    • Moji swatchi imajo vedno dodano plast nadlaka … razen, če izrecno omenim, da ga nisem uporabila. Se sicer trudim vedno zapisat, da je na fotografiji nadlak za tiste, ki samo priletijo na post, vendar sem tokrat očitno pozabila. :blush:

  2. tale barva res seka ven, v pozitivnem smislu seveda, mi je všeč, moram reči da jaz pa kar pogosto nosim take odtenke :yes:


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