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Lately I’ve been missing quite a few of “beauty” evens. So when all the stars aligned aka I was healthy and so was the little one, I had 2 nannies available and I was awake (don’t laugh, but I overslept Illamasqua’s event ), I simply had to go to Clarins one. :D

I did learn a lot about the brand and company itself which was the purpose anyway. Clarins has a lot of fans out there and I had no clue about it. It was actually pretty funny when presenter asked if we know what is Clarins most known for. The correct answer was flowers (extracts&co) in their formulas. You know which answer ran through my mind? Clarins eyeshadow quads. :D

Here are the facts I remembered about the company itself:

  • fair trade: they build schools, wells in counties in third world countries that produce their active ingredients
  • they put a lot into what their customers think – from the beginning they try to incorporate their wishes in new products. First with leaflets in every product and now online
  • here is one wow fact – it’s still family held company. What their father started, sons now continue
  • all products are still made in France
  • they stopped testing on animals long time ago

Most of the presentation time was dedicated to skin care products, but there were few goodies to check out for us make-up lovers too: new foundation (looks great for dryer skins), concealer, autumn-winter collection (lipsticks, palette ) …

We received for testing few skin care samples and mascara+make up remover. Mascara brought smile to my face as I had full make up on … except mascara which I managed to forget. :D I will definitively be reviewing this in my mascara test.

I’m planing to visit Clarins and Shiseido corners next time I’m in drugstore. Any recommendations what to check out?

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7 thoughts on “Clarins event”

  1. Res me zanima kako se obnese Instant Concealer – me mika nakup. Njihove šminke (iz te linije ki jo imaš na 6 sliki) so super – če ti uspe najti kakšen odtenek ki ti ustreza res priporočam. Njihovi pudri mi niso ustrezali, ostale dekorativne kozmetike pa nisem preizkusila. Prav tako žal nimam izkušenj z njihovo negovalno kozmetiko, predvsem zato ker nikoli nisem uspela dobiti nobenega testerja…

    • Rouge Prodige res izgledajo krasno. Si moram prav vzeti čas in si pobližje pogledati celoten barvni spekter. Jaz sem Instant Concealer samo na hitro preizkusila na eventu in je deloval OK … samo sumim, da so vsi odtenki pretemni zame.

      • Sem navdušena nad Clarinsovimi tekočimi podlagami (pudri). Včasih je bil moja stalnica True Radiance, ki ga žal ni več. Sedaj imam že tretjo stekleničko Skin Illusion.
        Pa zelo fajn so glosi Colour Quench. Imam 2 barvi.
        Me pa zanima maskara Instant Definition.

        • Skin Illusion sem celo že 1x občudovala, pa mislim da ni bilo odtenka zame. :sigh: Bom dodala še maskaro in Colour Quench glos (kakšna tekstura in obstojnost pa je?). :yes:

          • Saj pri nas je bolj revščina z odtenki, kot običajno :yes: pri podlagah.
            Glos je pa res glos, prosojen, rahlo obarva, z minimini bleščicami, vlažilen, negovalen, nelepljiv, obstojnost pa tudi – glosasta :biggrin: .

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