Jessica In Bloom nail polishes (summer 2014)

Maybe I didn’t move in the right neighborhood. Can you imagine having Jessica in your vicinity? It’s kind of good thing that little one is keeping me busy. :D But I have more time now and thought I would ask them if I could borrow testers of new limited editions for day or two to make swatches for you … and they agreed. This was one of the more requested themes from you but it wasn’t really possible until now. To be honest, it still wouldn’t be, if I didn’t live right around the corner.

Sooo – the newest Jessica LE already hit our shelf’s and it’s called In Bloom. There are 6 creme nail polishes in collection, but wait for the best part – if you buy the whole set it comes in cute box, which you then use to display the whole bouquet of nail polishes. <3

Jessica In Bloom LE group photo
Jessica In Bloom LE group photo

Jessica In Bloom LE display
Jessica In Bloom LE display

I managed to break both of my pointing finger nails (poor nutrition and nail care seem to be new mothers trademark ), so I didn’t manage to wear any of the nail polishes as whole manicure. Unfortunately all you’re getting are quick swatches.

Majority of the In Bloom collection are pastel kind of a shades. Jessica Loving is lighter pink shade. I’m as far form pink loving nail polishes as person can be, but this shade strikes me as something wearable without being grandmomish. Muted, but not to the point of blending with the background. Jessica Awakening is similar as Loving, only in violetish tones. Both shades changed undertone as the light temperature changed, so I’m uncomfortable defining them as warm and cool.

Jessica In Bloom LE - Loving swatch 2
Jessica In Bloom LE – Loving swatch 2

Jessica In Bloom LE - Awakening swatch
Jessica In Bloom LE – Awakening swatch

Jessica Whispering is green. Yes, that means I loved it. :D Application was similar to that of other “pastel” shades in this LE – neither gliding or difficult. But I did get the feeling that Whispering was slightly easier to apply. Jessica Enchanting concludes the pastel nail polish selection with it’s light blue color. I have neither love or hate for this color – good for nail art base, but I probably wouldn’t ware it on it’s own.

Jessica In Bloom LE - Whispering swatch
Jessica In Bloom LE – Whispering swatch

Jessica In Bloom LE - Enchanting swatch
Jessica In Bloom LE – Enchanting swatch

Now for onto my favorites from Jessica In Bloom LE. I’m sure you’ll tell me I’m boring, but I can’t help it if dark blue and red are two of my all time favorite nail polish colors. Jessica Blazing is one of those timeless red shades with it’s almost neutral red shade, but still slightly leaning to the warm side. And Jessica Longing – gorgeous, vibrant, electric, blue … ahhhhh. Plus both of these shades were easier to apply than the “pastel crowd”.

Jessica In Bloom LE - Blazing swatch
Jessica In Bloom LE – Blazing swatch

Jessica In Bloom LE - Longing swatch
Jessica In Bloom LE – Longing swatch

All swatches consist of 2 layers + top coat.

I didn’t talk that much about application as I make videos instead of explaining with word. My thin coat can be your normal one …

Do you have any other wish list about Jessica nail polishes? Do you even like this kind of posts? All comments are welcomed.

14 thoughts on “Jessica In Bloom nail polishes (summer 2014)”

  1. I have whispering and longing but honestly I thought they wore more neon and less pastel. But the formula is great so I’m not complaining. :wink:

    • I’m old school – neons are those bright ones that need white base to pop or super bright ones that dry in sand-like finish. These don’t really fall into any of my preconceived categories so they bug me. :biggrin:

  2. Vau, krasni so! :nails:
    Eh, nič dolgočasno, pač nas vedno znova privlačijo eni in isti odtenki.. meni sta, valda, zelen & vijoličen najlepša :)

  3. Quick swatches are way better than no swatches. :) I don’t have much Jessica in my stash because I never see it in stores. These are pretty, though–the lilac is especially calling to me.

    • :ahug:
      I had same problems, as non of my “regular” stores carried them. Now I’m swamped with all the gorgeous shades. :shock: :silly:

    • Temno moder, ane? :biggrin: Moram si končno vzeti čas, da se logiram v Gejba google račun, da lahko spet kaj pokomentiram na tvojem blogu. Prav pogrešam dobre stare čase, ko so še vse imeli Name/URL komentiranje. :sigh:


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